A Day in the Life

filed under: Miscellaneous on January 18, 2013

If I could do it, this is how everyday weekday around here would go:

6:30-7:00 workout

7:00-8:00 Kids get up, Healthy and Hot Breakfast, Get Dressed

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

8:00-12:00 Homeschooling for Colton, Parker, and Audrey.  Eddie plays nicely in the room with us.

12:00-1:00 Hot and Delicious Lunch

1:00 Eddie down for nap

Eddie Sleeping Peacefully

1:00-3:00 Work time for me, kids do chores or have downtime

3:00-5:00 Laundry (family helps), playtime, finish up any chores and homeschool that need extra help

5:00-6:00 Dinner

6:00- 9:00 Downtime, Work for me, Bath time, Prepare lesson plans for next day, Kids go to Bed

10:01              I go to bed.


What our days actually look like.

6:30-7:00 I am sleeping.  Or trying to.  Pretending I am sleeping cause I want to sleep so bad.

7:00-8:00 I get up.  Work out for 30 minutes.  Spend next 30 minutes sitting in chair in front of TV.

8:00-12:00 Try and get all kids up and fed.  Usually cold cereal.  Eddie spills his all over himself and floor.  Colton has four bowls.  Audrey asks for second bowl, then refuses to eat it.

Start Homeschooling… have to take extra time with Colton.  Parker and Audrey watch PBS all morning.  Eddie sits on my lap and writes all over Coltons work.  Then he gets down and starts screaming.  Then he poops.  Then I change his diaper.  But then it smells so bad I have to change the garbage, and while I am doing that why not bring out the recycling.  Then I see the dishes from breakfast all over the table and counter.  And sticky spilled milk and mushy cereal on the floor.  So clean it up.  Colton is yelling at me to come help him.  Quick check email.  And facebook.  Darn facebook.

Finally get Coltons work done and move on to Parker.  Its 11:51.

12:00-1:00 Lunch.  Ask the kids what they want.  They all scream, “Pizza!”  We have PB&J’s on old hot dog buns.

1:00 Read Eddie a story. Hope he goes to sleep.

1:47 Find Eddie like this.

Eddie Sleeping

1:00-3:00 Try to sit down and get work done. Break up 2 fights.  Put Audrey in time out.  Forget she is in time out. Give in and let kids play Angry Birds just so they will be quiet.  Watch last 7 minutes of General Hospital.  (Don’t judge me) Remember have to finish homeschooling Parker.  Realize I left garbage and recycling on kitchen floor.  House smells like poopy diaper.

3:00-5:00 Finally finish homeschooling everyone.  Sit down to do some work, end up playing facebook games.  Spend next 29 minutes liking status’ on facebook.   Close facebook.  Answer emails for five minutes.  Open facebook and resume game.  Hubby will be home soon.  Rush around getting everyone out of their jammies, cleaning up visible messes, throwing laundry in wash so it looks like I have been working on it all day, google “Quick and Easy Dinner” and find something to make.

5:00-6:00 Sit down, have dinner as family, then just sit there as everyone finishes.  They will clean up after themselves   They will.  I just know it.  I am not moving until they do.

Finally get up from table.

6:00-9:00 Hubby takes care of bath, play time, and instructing children how to clean up play area.  Gets them ready for bed.  He is basically the awesomest hubby ever.

I have updated my blog, read other peoples blogs; commented, pinned, shared, tweeted, watched one of the Real Housewives, folded some laundry, made a mental gameplan for homeschooling tomorrow, and finally got into bed.

Exhausted.  I did mention I am five months pregnant right?  Cause yeah.  The swelling and extra weight and occasional puking and frequent headaches… those are interspersed throughout the day as well.

Its 8:52.



Yesterday, one of Coltons tasks was to write a four sentence paragraph about anything he wanted.  I was prepared for a compelling story about Angry Birds.

This is what he wrote.

Coltons Story

And that is why I do what I do.  🙂  Cant wait for tomorrow!


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  • Sally says:

    Awwww, and THAT is why we do all that we do. Being a mom: the hardest job EVER, but with the best benefits! Amen?

    • Amanda says:

      Amen!! 🙂

  • Christine W. says:

    That picture of Eddie sleeping over the railing is just hilarious. You got so much more done in one day! You rock!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks girl! He was so funny that day… I bet he would have slept like that if I had let him!

  • Kristen says:

    So incredibly real and sweet 🙂 Love it. Especially the rush around because hubby will be home soon. I think that happens in every home in America!

    • Amanda says:

      That shouldnt make me feel better…. but it so does. 😉

  • Nutmeg Nanny says:

    I’m not a mom but I’m a nanny. Trust me, I get it. Except I have to answer to parents who think I’m Mary Poppins. Also, I had to laugh at the PB & J on hot dog buns. I grew up in a household with 5 brothers and 1 sister…this was an often occurrence in our home 🙂

    • Amanda says:

      Girl… you TOTALLY get it!! Have a blessed day!

  • Sweetsugarbelle says:

    Every. single. day. Exhausting, but worth every petrified Rice Krispie bowl I scrub (um, er…soak for HOURS!)

    • Amanda says:

      LOL I KNOW! Silly me bought Cocoa Krispies the other day… like I needed to deal with the gross brown petrified mess! 🙂

  • Anna @ Crunchy Creamy Sweet says:

    Can I just say how much I LOVE this post? Can I? I LOVE THIS POST! You had me crying and laughing! I had no idea you homeschool. We have three kiddos, homeschooling the oldest ( 6yo). I thought only my days are crazy like this. Thank you so much for sharing, Amanda!! PS: PB&J on old hot dog buns <— love this!! lol xoxo

    • Amanda says:

      You homeschool too??? I love it! You, my friend, are awesome… because not only do you do all that but also deal with having to leave and follow school schedules! You have my full respect my dear. 🙂

  • this is lemonade says:

    I want to be a mum like you! Thanks for sharing your day, so admirable. And what adorable children. Keep up the good work. Colton’s precious words are just beautiful 🙂

  • Crystal says:

    Oh Amanda. You are not alone. Here’s my “planned” schedule:

    7:00 Mommy up, shower, breakfast prep. (Yes, I even put it in my plans to give myself an hour to wake up)

    8:00 Kids brought downstairs for 15 min of Bible reading. Mommy reads her own Bible, setting an example.

    8:15 Nutritious breakfast of premade breakfast hot pockets. Family discussion of our Bible reading or a devotional. After, kids will dress, and G’s hair will get done.

    9:00 Mason 30 min of preschool, Talon watching educational TV, G playing educational games on computer, C working on independent folder work.

    9:30 Mom-led teaching of the Bigs in Social Studies or Science. M and T playing with educational toys and puzzles.

    10:30. Break, nutritious snack.

    10:45 Mom-led Language Arts lesson for the Bigs. M and T playing quietly upstairs.

    12:00 nutritious lunch

    12:15 “Recess”, mom picks up

    12:45 M has 30 more min of school, T is down for nap. C on computer, G is working on independent work.

    1:15 Mom does 1:1 lessons for the Bigs in math or reading. Independent work. M playing educational computer game.

    3:00 Break

    3:15 G and C quiet reading.

    4:00 Mom starts meal prep while Bigs wrap up independent work.

    5:30 Dinner.

    6:30 Bath and room clean up.

    7:30 Family meeting, behavior chart check-in.

    8:00 Family time

    8:30 kids to bed

    8:30-11;00 Mom picks up the house, files schoolwork, puts out next day’s lessons, preps lessons for the coming weeks, quality time with the hubby.

    11:00 Bed

    And here’s how it really goes:

    6:30am: first alarm clock goes off. I somehow subconsciously turn it off, even though it’s across the room. I never remember doing this.

    6:45 Second alarm goes off. Slowly, I start to regain consciousness. I turn this one off, too, telling myself I’ll get up at the 7:00 alarm.

    7:00 Ok, now I’m awake. I’m just going to lay here for a minute and check FB…zzzzzzz

    8:00. “Mommy, is breakfast made yet? Mommy, are you awake?”

    8:30. I stumble out of the shower while the kids are still in their rooms.

    9:00 Breakfast…cold cereal (because those hot pockets didn’t come out right).

    10:00 school for the bigs. The Littles run around upstairs creating chaos. G requires a lot of my time. Colton pouts about how much work he has.

    10:15 Must stop 1:1 math or reading lesson to address Littles fighting upstairs.

    10:45 Hubby calls and wants to chit-chat, again interrupting 1:1 lessons.

    11:30 Somebody is wrong on the internet and I *must* correct them!!!

    11:45. Littles interrupt independent folder work (which isn’t independent for G because she needs constant reminding). Colton is using the counter bar stool as a belly board, instead of working.

    12:30 Ok, we might as well have lunch. PB&J (pretty much every day).

    1:00. Who peed on the bathroom floor????

    1:30 T down for nap. Bigs have quiet reading.

    2:00 Attempt at mom-led language arts, science or history lesson. M interrupts often. Computer isn’t working, can’t give him anything to do.

    3:00 Talon’s speech arrives. I attempt to help the Bigs finish their independent work.

    3:30 Speech is over. I attempt a teacher led lesson on Lang arts, science or history. Littles cause chaos.

    5:00 OH! I need to start donner!

    7:00 Dinner is finally finished cooking.

    7:30 Cleanup and showers.

    9:00 kids are finally in bed. I run around picking up, filing school work.

    11:00 chores are done, houise is relatively clean, hubby’s lunch is made. Hubby says, “You coming to bed?”. I look at him envious that he *can* go to bed. I sit down and address the mountain of work that I need to prep.

    1:00am I suddenly awaken. My face has an imprint from the Lego table I fell asleep on. My work isn’t done. Must go to bed. Tomorrow, I’m going to try and get up early and follow that schedule I worked so hard to create.

    • Amanda says:

      Oh. My. Word.

      I laughed OUT LOUD!!! “11:30 Somebody is wrong on the internet and I *must* correct them!!!” You are HILARIOUS!!!

  • Jennifer S E says:

    Amanda – thanks for the link in FB!! This is hysterical and pretty much my life….except I do have some questions….

    You and some other commenters mentioned a shower – I’m confused….you all shower? Like regularly? And without someone peering in on you asking why some of your “parts” are missing? (You mom of boys know *exactly* what I mean! I always say if I brush my teeth and remember to put on deodorant in the same day – it’s a good day! 🙂

    I also love how you start to take out the poopy diaper and get side track. I wish I could relate….but that *never* happens here (excuse me a moment, must go spray Lysol to disinfect the entire floor where *someone* left a garbage bag with a poopy diaper and several other disgusting things that started to leak when a little came along and discovered it was fun to poke holes in the bag with the tip of a pencil.) Like I said, never happens here.

    And the BEST is the mad dash to get the laundry done. I *highly* recommend leaving hubby’s laundry in a large pile on his side of the bed. That way when he gets home he will say “boy, you got a ton of laundry done today” and you can smile sweetly and remind him to rub your feet – you were a superstar today!

    Thanks for the post – you made my day! (As always!) 🙂

    • Amanda says:

      LOL You crack me up!! Love this whole comment!

  • Sue {munchkin munchies} says:

    Oh, this made me crack up!

    Eddie’s nap photo is classic:)

    Colton is right.

  • Bethany says:

    I just want to squeeze Eddie! Such a great picture.

    I’m getting ready to ditch my curriculum and start fresh. Love your schedule. 🙂

  • Leah says:

    Misting up! Well done.

  • Kelly says:

    HA! I really enjoyed this. I started in-home daycare a few months ago, and that is my sole motivation to get dressed before my daughter’s 1pm nap.

    • Amanda says:

      Ha! I hear ya. 🙂

  • janna brown says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I wish I knew you because I think we would be great friends!

  • Mary Kay says:

    That’s one of the funniest posts I’ve read in a long time! You’re doing an awesome job raising a beautiful family. The best was the picture of the Eddie sleeping on the railing is priceless…you seriously need to frame that one!

  • Lisa says:

    I stumbled upon your blog while searching for a white cake/cupcake recipe. I got totally sucked in. You are hilarious and very talented and I love the fact that you are a believer. Loved your post about pb&J on old hotdog buns. You are so real. You’re a hoot, love your blog and am making the cake recipe tomorrow but will be using it for cupcakes. God Bless you girl! Thanks for the recipe and a great read.

  • christina says:

    This is beyond awesome and hilarious and my reality too!!
    Love that I’m not alone!

  • vanillasugarblog says:

    awww that letter was just precious.
    don’t we all wish our life could run that smoothly?
    you are so not alone my dear!

  • Brenda Lee says:

    I laughed out louuuuuddd!!!! This was so cute… unfortunatelly, I have a full time job, and sometines I wonder how I will get through the next day. I see that is always a work in progress. I try to fit all of what you do in pretty much less than half the time, but at the end of my day I have two beautiful happy angels snoozing in bed. I would not have it any other way… My God is good!!!

  • Julie Shortridge says:

    Your posting made my day (as I sit here surrounded by baby toys that need picked up and dirty dishes from dinner) while I yell at my kids that the baby is sleeping from my computer …which I have been on for 2 hours in between facebook and looking at new recipes and places I will never go on pinterest!!…there are 7 kids, by the way. I have had plenty of days that look like yours (minus the homeschooling!!! …no way). Now that Pacman is finally a goner…here I am 😉

    • Amanda says:

      Seven kids! I want to read YOUR a Day in the Life! 🙂

  • Tulip says:

    So funny! I love all the pictures. Some days are like that and some days are perfect. I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything. Thanks so much for sharing your day! P.S. I have a Colton and an Audrey too!

    • Amanda says:

      Cool!!! Nice to meet you Tulip! 🙂

  • Stephanie says:

    This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever read. Yes, yes, yes to it all. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Thank you for putting yourself out there like that so we can all be reassured that NO ONE IS PERFECT! What a selfless act. You rock!

  • Marion says:

    I literally laughed out loud…mainly because it echoes our lives at home. Thank you for sharing!

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