About six months ago, I made this little book for my niece. 

Before I made I went out and bought all things polka dot.  Polka dot paper and polka dot fabric and polka dot ribbon.  I LURVE polka dot.

Turns out I never needed to use the green and white polka dot fabric for my very girly and princessy niece, so it somehow ended up finding its home in my underwear drawer.


Every single time I have opened my drawer in the last six months (Which is surely every single day as I place a great priority on maintaining extremely high standards of personal hygiene.   Or not.) I have seen that fabric and thought to myself,

"Oh!  Polka dot underwear!  I want to wear those today!"

Then been utterly disappointed when I realized it is the fabric.




Isn't that the definition of insanity?

Just sayin.

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  1. That title is certainly one way to catch attention. I, too, am wondering why the fabric is in your undies drawer. Was it a case of having to shove it away before your husband throws it out because it’s laying out? Thanks for the laugh.

  2. You could make yourself a pair of green polka dot underwear. Just sayin’! Or, you could send that beautiful fabric my way – that would surely take care of the insanity!! 🙂

  3. Um….have I been spelling underWARE wrong all these years? I’ve spelled it underWEAR….great. Thank goodness for google! Now I better go look it up.
    Oh yeah – and fabric in your underware drawer? You must have had some pretty important company stop by last minute! :-)I found a carton of milk in my pantry not too long ago. I blame the kids. Works. every. time.

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