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Thanks so much for the great feedback and advice and support.  You are an amazing group of women and I truly appreicate all you have to offer!

The winners of the subscription to life:beautiful magazine are: (all courtesy of

Comment #118 JanMary  (I sure hope they ship internationally!)

Comment #2 Elizabeth

Comment #12 Stephanie

Way to go ladies!  Just shoot me an email and we will get you all set up!

I told a few people this when I replied to their comment, but I am in NO WAY affiliated with life:beautiful magazine, I just truly find inspiration and joy from it.  Also, I purchased my first copy years ago at Barnes and Noble.  If you are ever there, be sure to pick up a copy and thumb through it.  I think you will see why I adore it so!


I just heard from blogher (the people who run the ads on my blog) that I am not allowed to turn off comments.

So, for now, they will stay open.  Or, at least, they will be open occasionally.  But I still want to encourage you to not feel like you have to comment just because you stopped by.

Thanks again for all you do!