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Building your arsenal of baking tools? Over the course of my career as a baker, I have tested hundreds of tools and gadgets. You will find the tried and true tools that I use in my kitchen to decorate cakes and other sweet dishes. I will be updating this section often so if there is a specific tool you are interested in, please let me know.

Cake Decorating Tools

The tools I use to bake and decorate cakes are some of the most valued in my kitchen. While there are a lot of gadgets in the cake decorating world (some of which can be fun to use!) success really comes down to a few essentials.

I use my rotating cake stand most. Mine is from Fat Daddio, but they no longer sell it, so a close runner up is the one I have listed below, the Ateco. Both are sturdy and turn smoothly, which are the most important factors.

My next favorite tool is the offset spatula. I use the small offset spatula most frequently, but also like a large spatula or large offset spatula for smoothing as well as moving cakes. The small offset spatula helps to get frosting onto a cake as well as smooth it out nicely. For pristine smoothing, I love a good bench scraper. Mine favorite bench scraper is flexible and has a curved edge on both sides so can easily be used on a cake stand that has a lip.

One of my favorite cake decorating tools are decorating tips. There are a million varieties, but I really enjoy taking a classic tip (like the leaf tip) and using it in different ways. Most grocery stores carry the standard tips; an open round, a star, a leaf, and a flat edge most often used for basket weave designs. With these tips you can do unlimited designs with great success!

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