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Holiday Goodies

I am busy, busy, busy trying to get ready for a big vacation to Florida (and yes, that includes lots of DISNEY WORLD!) and preparing some fabulous holiday cookies, cakes, and sweets for you before I go.

But in the meantime, here are some holiday cookies and cakes I would love to share!


These are one of my most favorite designs ever… those little leaves are just piped out royal icing!


A fun (and EASY) Christmas cake. You can so do this one.


My favorite surprise inside cake ever, the Faith Cake. I even did a tutorial!


And you really cant go wrong with the best ever sugar cookies and glaze icing.


And these cookies… well, let me just say.

They are perfect. They are delicate. They are satisfying. They must be eaten in groups of three.

Well. You may be able to eat just one.

I am incapable.


I even have some of these delightful treats… and I hear they are gluten free!!

I dont know that for sure. I am not quite sure I could define what gluten is if asked. But someone told me these were. And Ibelieveeverything I hear.

*True story, when writing this post I kept writing "glutton" free. I definitely would be interested in a glutton free cookie.


I will be back soon with lots of new recipes and designs for you! If you have any Christmas/Holiday goodies, yummy treats, amazing crafts, or glorious sweets, feel free to leave me a comment so I can check them out while driving across the United States.

Believe me. I will have lots of time while driving from Minnesota to Florida!

I Am Baker

Christmas Gift Idea for Kids {CONTEST CLOSED}

To see the winners click HERE.


Yes.  I know.  Its not even Thanksgiving yet.  I know.  I'm sorry.  I have to get my shopping done early this year.  I cant wait to tell you more about THAT! (really, its actually kinda exciting)

I just got done ordering some personalized coloring books for my kids and thought to myself, "Self, I bet other people would like to share this with their kids too!" So here I am.

I was hanging out at frecklebox.com and really liked the assortment of gifts they offer… that are completely personalized for you and your family.

I dont know if you know this about me, but I am slightly addicted to personalization!

Anywho, I would love to give two readers the opportunity to enjoy a personalized gift as well.  Just leave a comment!

 A couple rules.  There is a $20 max including shipping.  That really should not be a problem as I just ordered special treats for all of my kids and it was less then $21.00 for everything!

Picture of Holiday Fun 1 Personalized Sticker


(which I totally want for myself… wouldnt they be cute on my shipped boxes of cookies??)

Picture of Mucky Duckies Personalized Puzzle


Picture of Dinos Chore Chart

Chore Charts! (ok, maybe mom would like this more then kids…)

all images are property of frecklebox.com

Just visit their site and see if you want anything!  They have:

Just to name a few. ;)

Now, frecklebox.com does NOT know me, they have no idea I want to give away an item or two from their site.  I am not being compensated from anyone for any of this.

I truly just want to give another family one of these neat personalized gifts.

Leave a comment to be entered.  Contest closes… uh… I am not sure yet as hubby is out of town and life has been hectic around here and tomorrow we are at church and out and about all day and did I mention how exhausted and fat I am? and I want all of my readers to be able to enter so there are at least seven participants.  Well, six if you exclude my mother.  Ok, fine.  Five.  My dad reads too.

Good luck!