New Years Eve Countdown Cookies

So here is a few of the items I made for the Fox 9 morning show.

And of course, in true Amanda fashion, I made the Rainbow cake and FORGOT to get pictures of the inside. Granted, I was on a time crunch and had only a few minutes to ‘set up’ my work station, but still, there is always AFTER the show!!!

Ugh. Next time.

Here is the best I have of the Rainbow cake.


My gosh… look how little Audrey is… today she is four! :)

Cookie Tree!
This is the Cookie Tree. I made about two dozen star cookies and added names of kids I know. I was really hoping they would show it more on TV so that you all could say “Hey! Look! That’s MY baby’s name on a cookie!”

Countdown Cookies!

Countdown Cookies!
Countdown Cookies!

Countdown Cookies!

These are sugar cookies covered in my special royal icing tinted black. The numbers are written in white royal icing and covered in gold paint and gold sparkles.

Countdown Cookies!
So the whole theory behind the 10-1 cookies is based on the New Years Eve countdown. You know how ten seconds before midnight everyone starts counting? 10…9…8… yeah, you get the idea.

Well, these are silver dollar size cookies that can be given as a gift to guests at a New Years Party! Something fun to nibble on throughout the night, or just a fun keepsake!


Countdown Cookies!

I used my favorite Sugar Cookie recipe and the BEST glaze cookie icing ever.

Countdown Cookies!

These can be personalized for every New Year!


And these super sparkly black cookies were almost to pretty to eat.




The Happy 2010 petit fours.

This is the New Years Eve Rainbow Cake. Sorry. Forgot to take a picture of the inside…


And there is me cleaning up after the show! It was so fun and I am so thankful to Fox 9 for the opportunity.


  1. says

    Amanda! This is so cool. I didn’t know you were going to be on TV. I cannot wait to see it!
    And now, I am soooo going to propose a fun idea to you. Something I’ve been thinking about. And now that you’re a TV star, you CANNOT say No. teehee!

  2. Mary says

    You look beautiful Amanda and your family too! Those cookies look so darn good :) I cannot wait to see the actual segment!!!! Happy New Year.

  3. says

    I am so excited to see the segment, can’t wait! Your cookies and cakes were fabulous, but you already know that. :) I am loving the New Years cake too…want to make it, but I really don’t need to eat an entire cake myself, and that’s what would happen. Sigh. Maybe next year. :)

  4. cod liver oil says

    I was looking for new ideas since two and half hour for tonight. It should be a great fun. Thank you so much for sharing me an innovative creation of cookies. That’s really brilliant idea. I will surely try them and let you know later.

  5. says

    amanda you are SO SO talented and should be making oodles of money doing this (baking, describing your creations, blogging, you name it)…how exciting for you! i love the new years count down cookies and of course have always loved the rainbow cake…can’t wait to watch the segment when you get the link up!

  6. says

    what fun! countdown cookies = brilliant, your cakes are both beautiful, and your family is just a lovely collection of human beings!
    happy new year to you, amanda–i’m so glad i discovered your blog! :)

  7. says

    wow! your creations are so wonderful! i’m very glad i clicked on your comment on amy atlas’ blog. i’ll be checking back more often here in the new year :)

  8. Misty says

    Hi Amanda,
    Your petty fours look really nice. You said your family isn’t into fondant, when I made my petty fours for my sister instead of using fondant I used my butter cream icing – take your icing and color it whatever color you want, then heat it to smooth consistancy so you can pour it over the the tops and sides. Let sit until it has set up so you can then decorate the way you want them. They can be any flavor as you already know, I tried several different flavors and they were a big hit at the party. Let’s say there were none leftover. Your work is great, try this and your family will love them. Have fun and have a great day. Nice photography, you have a nice family.

  9. says

    Congratulations on being on TV. Everything here is just gorgeous. I love the idea of children being able to find their own cookie on the tree and countdown cookies are so special to take to a NYE party. Everything you bake is so neat, tidy and perfect looking.


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