• Happy Mothers Day

    filed under: I Am Servant on May 12, 2013

    Blessed Mothers


    Source: Mothers Day Sayings


    I saw this online and it moved my heart.  Saying a prayer for all the moms today… hope you are feeling as blessed as you make others feel! 🙂

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    I was drawn to the I am servant. So glad to see you sharing the love and forgiveness of Jesus. You may be interested in a great book by Mark Cahill called The One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven. (sharing our faith…since everyone there will already know) and a great website http://www.juststopandthink.com that has 2 videos sharing the gospel. One by Francis Chan and the other by David Nasser. Keep sharing Jesus! 🙂
    for His glory,

    Don't Pass on Dessert!