Kids Swimming at Lake George

I remember few things clearly from childhood… as in, I can remember big life events and generalities, but the specific details are fuzzy. One thing I do remember though, is feelings. The feelings of comfort and security and being loved. I remember that clearly. One of my fondest memories/feelings was swimming in Lake Bemidji. I […]

when you are two


When a clear lack of ability to eat without half of the food ending up all over your face/table/clothes is adorable, when your sister is the coolest person in the world and gives the best hugs, when you are first learning about “gentle” and “nice” and people always let you pet the baby animals first, […]

why does a child need a mother?


Why does a child need a mother?  To tell them they are beautiful…to make sure they don’t become spoiled…to teach them to play fair… to assure them that heartache will not last forever…to believe in them when it seems that no one else does…to be a trusted confidant… to encourage them to be serious about […]

ombre birthday smoothie

Ombre Pancakes!

My sweet little Audrey turns 6 today, and I can’t say that I am ready for it.  I mean.  I am ready for it.  Cake is made, party is planned, people invited…   but she is getting so big.  So grown.  Turning into the girl and eventually woman she is destined to be. My heart bursts […]

chocolate dipped ice cream cone cucpakes

Chocolate Dipped Cupcake Ice Cream Cone with Sprinkles!

My little girl has a birthday in a few days which makes her a December birthday.  Ah the December birthday’s.  Those folks who get birthday gifts wrapped in red and green paper and who can’t have a proper party because people’s scheduled are so booked. I try my very hardest to make sure Audrey’s birthday has nothing to […]

i failed to teach my kids about childhood hunger. did you?

Project Sunlight and Hatch Project: Stop Hunger Now and start at Home!

We have a pretty good life.  We have a warm house and food to eat and books to read and toys to play with. My kids have never known true depravation.  They have always had a warm bed and clean clothes and full bellies. I recently was sent a video from Project Hatch. <div>Please enable […]


Morning Frost

When your sweet bright eyed 5 year old girl wakes up early, looks up at you innocently, and asks, “Mommy?” “Is it frosting outside?” And all you can think is, I need to head to CVS. They have a great coupon on sugar right now. You may also like: frosting method comparison creamy cookie dough […]

5 important lessons learned from kids soccer

audrey with messy hair

As our summer of jam packed of kids’ activities and outside fun winds down, I realized that my sweet little girl has taught me a few valuable life lessons. 1. ACT LIKE YOUR TEAM IS THE BEST.  Rock on with your bad self in your generic team t-shirt!  My little Audrey was nothing short of elated when […]

in which i am complaining (and need you)

Audrey riding bike

So.  Turns out having kids in school is just as hard as homeschooling. I have three kids in school right now, a 3rd grader, 2nd grader, and 1st grader.  Tonight, like many nights, they each had homework.  By the time I was able to work with each child individually, 2 1/2 hours had passed.  (The […]

even though

Colton and Audrey

 even though I asked him to look at her even though I told them to hug   even though he protested and clenched his fist and tried not to smile even though he acts so much tougher than he is… he loves that pesky sister of his. And she adores him. You may also like: Audrey […]

i have this dream…


Dreams. I would definitely consider myself a dreamer.  I like to think about things. I like to dream about things that will probably never happen.  I like to just sit in the fantasy of “what if”. We have a small stream on our property that empties into a little pond.  The pond is only 8 […]



Life has been crazy. I have been stressed and calm and happy and sad and excited and dejected and that was just today. Since updating my mommy blog has been something I have been wanting to do forever but have been woefully negligent in doing so, I am just going FULL BOAR on it tonight. […]

Rainbow Birthday Cake

Swirly Rainbow Cake (Inside and Out!) #rainbow #cake #birthdaycake

My little girl turned five this past week.  Five!  In the midst of extensive Christmas baking, I took a break from all this green and red and peppermint and made a perfectly perfect girly girl cake. With Audrey’s help of course!  The last couple years I have let her “design” her cake;  she tells me […]

The Giving Cookie

Cookies for Random Acts of Kindness

  I have the amazing privilege and honor to be able to homeschool my kids.  I have spent hours going over curriculum and studying learning styles and trying to determine the best ways to teach my little ones everything they need to know about english, math and science. But as any parent knows, we teach […]

Pink Ombre Pancakes with Marshmallow Fluff Frosting

Pink Ombre Pancakes from

What do you do when your only daughter, the only girl among three boys, isn’t an only daughter anymore? I have been worrying a lot lately.  Our sweet Audrey has spent the last four years as the princess among the boys.  She gets new clothes all the time (hand-me-downs, but new to her), she gets […]

what i have learned


We are in a constant state of learning around here. Learning about our new home.  Learning about our neighborhood and surrounding community. About what grocery store is the best and where is the closest gas station. About what window has the best view of the sunrise, and about what trail has the most wild flowers […]

Audrey the Stinker Dinker Winker Bear


On Sunday my sweet little angel woke up with a belly ache, which then led to a day of pretty consistent “emptying” of her belly. On Monday she seemed to feel better, and made a good effort in trying to participate in the families activities.   As we were homeschooling… “Mom, I feel better!  Can […]


Grandpa Dennis and Audrey

After all the trials and tribulations of 2012, I was determined to embrace hope for 2013.  I desperately hoped that in 2013 there would be no deaths, no heartbreaks, no disappointments, no rejection. Just. No. More. Recently I posted a story that I consider life changing.  You know, one of those stories that sticks with you […]

Rainbow Ruffle Birthday Cake

Rainbow Ruffle Birthday Cake

Today is my sweet little girls birthday. She is going to be four! And so far, she is the only girl among three boys. So yeah… a little princess to say the least. Every year I let Audrey pick out what kind of cake she wants. This is the cake she wanted last year. And […]

Name That Photo Contest Winner!

So I asked you to name this picture. And boy did you ever! Here are some of my favs: From kookla9 on instagram “What has two pointing fingers and loves cupcakes?  You do.” From Tammy “JESUS wants YOU” From carlasconfections on Instagram “You will make me a cupcake!” (using the “force”) From Heather O “Take […]