candy corn cupcakes

Candy Corn Inspired Cupcakes with pure Candy Corn Glaze!

This post is sponsored by McCormicks. What’s for dessert?  Cupcakes.  Glorious dual-toned, frosting piled high, covered in an obscene sweet glaze decadent cupcakes. Imagine if you are in grade school, and have been sitting in class all morning.  The tick-tock of the clock is constant, and you are full of energy, waiting so impatiently for […]

candy corn scotcharoo bars

Candy Corn Scootcheroo's!

Check out my Candy Corn Peanut Butter Scootcheroo Bars!  This totally Original recipe is sure to become a family favorite! Can we talk about candy corn for a second?  And in the sake of transparency, I am talking about it from the perspective of being absolutely obsessed with it.  Like, addicted to the stuff. I […]

Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin Pancakes!

I saw these pancakes in a 2008 issue of my favorite magazine, Life Beautiful. And I have made them twice in the last three days. They are delicious!   These pancakes are easy and quick, but so rich and decadent.  Especially with an extra sprinkling of cinnamon over the top… I felt like I was […]

Ghost Cake {Surprise Inside Cake!}

Revisited. I have made a ghost cake before… but I wanted to try some different recipes and techniques this time around. More rounded ghost heads. A smaller cake with less ghosts. And maybe even a ghost Surprise Inside! Next time I’ll try not to forget his mouth. And turns out I like the original better […]

Halloween Cake

Er, something. This is my, “Fake it till you can really make it cake.” I was testing out an idea for my book, and whipped up this cake. Its my favorite chocolate cake, covered in milk chocolate (not ganache, just melted chocolate) with chocolate covered donut balls on top. Sprinkled with sugar and stuff. I […]

Pumpkin Caramels and Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes

I made those. Having never have made caramels before, the process seemed daunting. But I got this new book, Sweet Confections by Nina Wanat and knew I wanted to try.  Her directions are easy to follow and the photography was done by the amazing Todd and Diane of White on Rice. The pictures are enough […]

Pumpkin Caramels and Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes (CLOSED}

Pumpkin Caramels. I made those.   Having never have made caramels before, the process seemed daunting. But I got this new book, Sweet Confections by Nina Wanat and knew I wanted to try.  Her directions are easy to follow and the photography was done by the amazing Todd and Diane of White on Rice.  The […]

Creepy Millipede Cake

I get asked a lot of questions about cakes. One of the most common questions I get is, “What can you do with a 9×13 cake?  I don’t want to bake a layer cake.” I happen to really, really like layer cakes.  Might even have a small obsession with them.  Like making them twenty five […]

Chocolate Spider Web {Cake in a Jar}

Spiders in jars.  Spider webs made from chocolate.  Black and orange everywhere.  It must be ‘that’ time of year!! (I also made spiders and webs in 2009 on petite fours!) Its Halloween!  Well.  In like a month and a half it is. But its definitely fall… and I adore fall. What I don’t adore about […]

Medusa Cake

alternatively titled when I was gonna try to have you figure out what the heck this cake was: Freaky Halloween Cake alternatively titled when I felt bad for always trying to make you guess stuff: Snake Cake This is the last of the Halloween treats for me. I dont know about you, but I have […]

Spider Petits Fours

When I first stumbled upon the decorated cookie I was smitten! Meaghan posts the neatest and cutest ideas… she always inspires! She was the creator behind the Oreo cakester petits four… one of my favorite ideas of all time. I have made quite a few of these in my day, and loved it more and […]

Bat Cake {Surprise Inside Cake!}

I am really getting into the Halloween spirit huh? This cake was a little different for me, because I knewexactlywhat I wanted inside, but had NO IDEA what to do with the outside! And even though the outside of this cake is just supposed to be pretty enough to pass for “please dont let people […]

Boo-tiful Halloween Cake

I have been thinking about this particular cake for about a month now, but just never felt good enough to make it. Well, I am feeling better and better everyday, and I suddenly had the urge to tackle this cake! Ahhh! Is it scary or what? I kid. I have made a cake similarto this […]

Mini Halloween Pumpkins

This is quite possibly the quickest and easiest tutorial ever. Would you like to make some of these?? For a tutorial for the big cake behind the cupcakes go to Pumpkin Surprise-Inside Cake! Its easy. Peasy. I used vanilla cuppies (miniaturecupcakes) with orange and green vanilla frosting. The tips are a #12 Wilton tip on […]

Halloween Pumpkin Cake {Surprise Inside Cake}

One of the first things I ever baked for my blog was Halloween treats. In addition to petits fours I made a Jack-O-Lantern surprise inside cake. People liked it. I was hooked. Hence, my baking blog was born. So in the upcoming one year anniversary of my baking blog, I am not only sharing with you myHalloween Cake That You Can Bring to […]

Jack-o-Lantern Recipe

WHITE CAKE INGREDIENTS: 1 box(es) (about 18 Oz.) White Cake Mix DEVIL'S FOOD CAKE INGREDIENTS: 2 box(es) (about 18 Oz. Each) Devil's Food Cake FROSTING INGREDIENTS: 1 cup Butter 32 ounces, weight Cream Cheese 1 Tablespoon Vanilla 4 cups Powdered Sugar 1 container Orange, Green, Yellow, Black Food Coloring For White Cake: Mix white cake […]

A Halloween Cake You Can Bring To Church {Surprise Inside Cake!}

I wanted to make a fun Halloween cake this year… but I couldn’t figure out what to do. I don’t like skulls. (except when they are protecting that gelatinous mush that is my brain) I don’t like spiders.  Anywhere.  Ever. I don’t like ghosts and goblins and witches and all things spooky. What does that […]