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Secret Crazy Ingredient Ice Cream

As soon as I am done posting this I am going to work out.

I just have to put that out there.

One thing I love to do is share my recipes with you!  To let you enjoy the same sweets and treats that me and my family do.

This is one of those times where I am just gonna throw this out there knowing that most will not be sharing my passion.  In fact, I am fully aware that this recipe is just plain weird.

But seeing as I am just plain weird, it sorta all makes sense.


So I sorta teased that this was the oddest ice cream I had ever made or eaten.

That still stands.

It was all inspired by this delightful culinary concoction.

That and my obsession with white chocolate. (which is not even technically a chocolate.  Boo Hoo.)


So here it is!

Blueberry Brownie White Chocolate Ice Cream.

Made with Kevin and Amanda's two ingredient machine-less recipe.

Concocted while wearing a witch hat and cackling.

Uh, forget I mentioned that part.  I don't think witch's eat blueberries.


White Chocolate Blueberry Brownie Ice Cream

1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk

2 cups whipping cream

1 cup diced blueberries

6 finely crumbled brownies

1/2 cup white chocolate chips

Whip cream into soft peaks then add other ingredients and blend until just incorporated.  I quartered my blueberries.  Yup.  Stood at my kitchen counter and cut every single little blueberries into fours.  I did this because while I love their flavor in this, I don't like eating whole frozen blueberries.  If you do, then no need to cut yours up.


Not only are there numerous brownies in the ice cream, but I thought it would be delicious to serve it over brownies.  I was about two minutes away from making a white chocolate ganache to go over top but the baby started crying so I forgot until right now.


I am a huge blueberry fan and can eat a pint in one sitting no problem.  Adding them to my chocolate brownie ice cream was a no brainer for me, but there are a couple things you should be able to say before you try it.

1. I love blueberries.  Any time of year.  Bitter or sweet, small or large, blueberries are yummy in my tummy.

2. There is no such thing as "too sweet" in baking.

If you can say those two things then you are about four hours away from certain creamy ice perfection.


P.S.  You really only need to be able to say #1.  I just threw in #2 to be a stinker.


 Oh!  And if in the off chance you are traveling to Minneapolis for the Creative Connection event in Sept., feel free to come say hi!  I will be speaking!


I Am Baker

Reese’s Peanut Butter White Chocolate Ice Cream

Say that three times fast.

Um, yeah, its actually not that hard to do. 

Unless your mouth is full of it!

I crack myself up.


I saw this amazing little recipe over at Kevin and Amanda's.  Its is brilliant I tell you.

Two ingredient ice cream… then just add whatever extra flavors you want.

No fancy schmancy ice cream machine.

Just mixing and freezing.

So easy even I could do it.

She even made some with Krispy Kreme donuts.   If I watched Bravo and if I paid attention to the The Rachel Zoe Project I might say something like,

"I. Die."


 Homemade Ice Cream

 2 cups Heavy Cream

1 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk

your ingredient of choice

Whip heavy cream on medium high until you get stiff peaks.  Add condensed milk and your choice of ingredients and then place in freezer for about four hours.

Amanda has fantastic step by step instructions!

For my special version I decided to use Reese's Peanut Butter cups.  The mini ones that are individually wrapped.

Reese's Peanut Butter and White Chocolate Ice Cream

8 Milk Chocolate Mini Reese's Peanut Cups

8 White Chocolate Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

1/4 cup white chocolate chips

I do not have a whisk attachment for my KitchenAid so I just used the paddle attachment and mixed the heavy cream until firm.  I then added the rest of my ingredients and mixed until just incorporated.

Into the freezer it went!  Well, most of it.  I had to practice quality control you know.

I love how the condensed milk seemed to magnify the creamy deliciousness of the white chocolate.

I loved everything about this dessert.


After the ice cream was nice and firm, I used my mini scooper and placed small scoops into cupcake wrappers.

Back into the freezer just to firm them up a bit!


I love any serving method that involves less dishes for me.

Uh… I mean… this is a beautiful way of presenting the treats to your guests!


I have had so much fun playing around with this easy peasy recipe that I made other versions.  This particular one I will be sharing soon… but it is quite possibly my newest favortiest flavor of all time. 

I have never seen this particular combination anywhere before… think you can guess what it is???

Well, no worries.  Will be revealing the recipe soon!