chocolate dipped ice cream cone cucpakes

Chocolate Dipped Cupcake Ice Cream Cone with Sprinkles!

My little girl has a birthday in a few days which makes her a December birthday.  Ah the December birthday’s.  Those folks who get birthday gifts wrapped in red and green paper and who can’t have a proper party because people’s scheduled are so booked. I try my very hardest to make sure Audrey’s birthday has nothing to […]

coffee sugar cookies

Coffee Sugar Cookies

I was hanging out on Pinterest the other day and came across some Coffee Sugar Cookies.  Intrigued by the picture I clicked on the pin and low and behold… I made them!  Ha.  Talk about forgetfulness.  I think it’s post-pregnancy-i-have-five-children-and-nine-chickens-brain. Seeing how horrible my original pictures were I decided to update the recipe and shoot […]

Secret Crazy Ingredient Ice Cream

As soon as I am done posting this I am going to work out. I just have to put that out there. One thing I love to do is share my recipes with you!  To let you enjoy the same sweets and treats that me and my family do. This is one of those times […]

Reese’s Peanut Butter White Chocolate Ice Cream

Say that three times fast. Um, yeah, its actually not that hard to do.  Unless your mouth is full of it! I crack myself up. I saw this amazing little recipe over at Kevin and Amanda's.  Its is brilliant I tell you. Two ingredient ice cream… then just add whatever extra flavors you want. No […]