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    I have a confession.

    I don’t do Easter baskets. We just never have!

    It’s not like my kids suffer or anything.  I mean I do make cakes and sweet treats 300 days of the year.

    When we ended up coming home with huge bags of candy anyway, I decided to do something different with it.  Instead of the bags sitting in the kids room and them munching on it whenever they wanted, I made a cheesecake.

    Easter "Dump" Cheesecake #cheesecake #candybarcheesecake #eastercandyideas


    Not just any old cheesecake, but one with EVERYTHING in it.  All the candy.  Well, all the chocolate candy. (The sweet tarts and other candy are safety tucked away in a drawer.)

    The recipe was easy enough.  I was inspired by the recipe for Snickers Cheesecake as well as finding this Caramel Cookie Cheesecake recipe on Real Simple.

    Easter "Dump" Cheesecake #cheesecake #candybarcheesecake #eastercandyideas

    easter “dump” cheesecake


        • 2 (8-ounce) bars cream cheese, at room temperature
        • 1/2 c sugar
        • 2 large eggs
        • 2 1/2 c of candy bars, chopped
        • 1 (8-inch) chocolate cookie piecrust
        • 2 tbsp. melted butter


        1. Place cream cheese into bowl of stand mixer. Mix on medium-low speed for 30 seconds. Add in sugar and eggs and beat until smooth.
        2. Remove bowl from stand and stir in chopped candy bars.
        3. In a small bowl combine the Oreo pie crusts and the butter gently with a fork.
        4. Prepare a 6-inch spring-form pan and then press the Oreo mixture into the pan and up the sides.
        5. Pour the filling into the pan and bake until set, 35-40 minutes at 325 degrees.
        6. Set the pie on a wire rack and let it cool completely. (at least 4 hours)
        7. Cover cheesecake in any remaining candy and serve.

        Easter "Dump" Cheesecake #cheesecake #candybarcheesecake #eastercandyideas


        I left some bars whole (didn’t chop) and then threw them on top.

        Now let me tell you why this worked well for us.

        The kids were NOT happy when I told them I was confiscating their candy for a cheesecake.  After they saw it, saw all the candy bars and mini eggs and Oreo crust, they were more than satisfied.  They got a decadent dose of candy once, we dealt with the sugar high, and now it’s over.

        Well.  Mostly.

        Easter "Dump" Cheesecake #cheesecake #candybarcheesecake #eastercandyideas


        There might be a couple pieces left for me.

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        haha, you definitely bake enough to not have to make Easter baskets

        And the best use of Easter candy award goes too… Amanda!!! The only thing I love more than this cheesecake is its name. 😉

        Makes my teeth hurt looking at it — but would LOVE to have a piece!

        Oh my god! Looks soooooo yummy. This cheesecake has all things that i love. Thanks from México!

        Can you believe I literally had one — ONE — Reese’s peanut butter egg for Easter candy this year? So sad. Must make up for it by devouring this cheesecake. 😉

        This cheesecake is amazing!

        Oh My Amanda- That looks amazing!!! I like your style!

        Scrumptious and delicious cheesecake!!
        This cake is definitely calling my name 🙂

        Don't Pass on Dessert!