When sweet my friend Amy asked me if she could order some cookies I said no.

No, No, No, No, absolutely not.

See, she is quite the talented baker, and makes some pretty amazing cookies.

She knows what cookies should look and taste like!

I was nervous.

Well. She wanted them for her hubbies birthday… he likes froggies and the color orange. (I did make him some orange cookies that I didn’t include in this roundup.)

This is the picture I was working from.


I sketched an overhead view I thought might work and attempted to wrangle the illusive red-eyed tree frog onto a cookie.



(I added more orange on this little guy… just trying different stuff)


Do you remember that original inspiration photo?

I wanted to do that.

But how??




Is that tiny baby froggie cute or what?


When I told little baby froggie that I was sending him to his new home he was not too happy with me.


Wouldnt talk to me for the rest of the photoshoot.




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Reader Comments

  1. The frogs are perfect, especially stacked! So cute, just like the real thing(except cuter)! BTW, your flag cake is FABULOUS! Gotta go watch the video! Lastly, NO surprise that you won the contest-CONGRATS!

  2. Those cookies are fabulous! And congrats on the contest. I’m now drooling and craving one! Shame I’m on the other side of the country! Chocolate hazelnut sounds like heaven.

  3. Adorable. I have not yet tried layering cookies, but I’ve been wanting to. This was a perfect project for it!
    P.S. Congratulations on the win. Going to see link now . . . .

  4. Congratulations on winning the contest!You totally deserve it as you are so very talented. I love those froggie cookies, adorable. Thank you for posting your wonderful pictures and recipes. It is very much appreciated by those of us not as talented! 🙂

  5. I “toad”ally LOVE these cookies, seriously! They are some of the cutest I have ever seen! 🙂
    Congrats on winning! You really deserve it. 🙂

  6. uber fabulous froggies! I love ’em. I just want to prop them up all over a tree. And yay to you for your big win (and generosity… I’d probably go buy shoes with my winnings)!!! So deserved, I’m sure.

  7. I love those froggies!!! So cute! I think you should do more tutorial videos! You are a natural! And Congrats to winning!!

  8. AManda, you are starting to scare me! First my anniversary cake 🙂 and now FROGS?!?!?! Little known bloggy fact: I have a red-eyed tree frog crawling up my back! (like the tattoo variety) Ever since I was little I have been OBSESSED with frogs and as soon as I turned 18, I branded myself! (yes, I might have thought twice now…but I don’t hate it either, and it still looks good…I’ll let you know when I’m all wrinkled and saggy how it turns out! 😉

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