I was trying to be a tease.

The whole point of these cookies is to tease.

I wanted to make you guess what the sex of the baby is… but then I was so impatient and just could not keep a secret that I posted it on my mommy blog.

So please, dont go over there and find out the answer.  It would ruin all the fun!

But not really.


In honor of our soon to be addition (I am 28 weeks now!) I wanted to give YOU a new addition.

No, not my baby.

Yes, some of my cookies!

You are so smart.


More on that in a sec.

I made some cupcakes too!




I love those little fingers gripping the edge of our little cupcake.

Reminds me of some cute sneaky kids I know. Certainly not my own! *cough*

These cookies/cupcakes could not have been easier to make!  My only MUST DO tip is: Use a REALLY thick icing consistency on the little fingers.

Otherwise they will run together and just be blob hands.  And who wants a baby with blob hands?

Here is how to enter to win ONE DOZEN decorated sugar cookies!

Leave a comment on this post answering the question:

What do you think I am having, a boy or girl?  And if by chance, you were to guess boy for some random reason, can you please also suggest some names? Thank you.

Of course, you do not need to be right to win.

All you need is a valid email.  Also, I can only ship cookies to a US address.  Sorry!

As if I havent already given enough hints as it is, here is one more. 🙂

I will select two winners!

Good luck!


Quite possible the BEST and most complete list of boy baby names I have EVER come across!  You guys are awesome!!  I think one or two of you even guessed the name that I have been pondering!

Anywho… here are the winners!


Comment #94


Boy! Congratulations 🙂 If you’re feeling adventurous, I suggest Mohan. It means “charming” in Hindi.

Posted by: Rima | Jan 07, 2011 at 06:41 PM


Comment #253


I’m guessing a boy :), not that you gave it away or anything :D. What about Ethan or Daniel? Or Mark? Sam? Ok, I’m not so good at picking names haha.

Posted by: Lily | Jan 08, 2011 at 02:39 PM


Congrats Rima and Lily!



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Reader Comments

  1. These are, for sure, the most adorable and beautiful cookies and cupcakes I have ever seen! And congratulations on the baby!

  2. Boy Oh Boy They are so much Fun my two are big boys now 25 and 20 I am liking the name Remington (Remi) my neice named her little boy that he’s adorable. clark is also a favorite!

  3. Ok HI first of all!! And congrats!! 🙂 Where have I been? well my computer crashed and I lost you. Of course it would’ve been super easy to Google you but I “lost” you in my brain…like totally forgot that I used to read here and i am mommy EVERY DAY. Duh. So I found you again and have a baby naming tip…We had boy #5 in Sept and had a unique naming experience (for us). We have ALWAYS picked a name of each gender early on and stuck with it. This time, we picked the boy name we had with our first girl but never ended up using and thought we were done. Only a week or so before baby came (we still didn’t know gender), I just *knew* this isn’t the “one.” But when baby was 5 days old and it was time to let our pastor announce to church we had a baby, we didn’t want to look totally ridiculous and not have a name still. So that morning, we sat down with our kids and new baby. And my hubs said the 5 names we had narrowed it down to (3 biblical names, 2 scandanavian names, since our other kids are a mix of those). When he said “Elijah” our 5 day old son opened his eyes and looked at his dad. He chose his name. Worked for us. 🙂
    Yes, we are that crazy. Or lazy. We have 7 kids 12 and under, our brain cells are depleted. Totally. Which is why I lost you. So glad I’m back…aren’t you? don’t answer that 😛

  4. hello i just wanted to congrats you for your crazy baby and your cookies and your cupcakes, and wanted to ask you the white on the cupcakes is royal icing too? a friend saw the pictures and she got crazy about them cuz she wants to make them for her future grandson.
    i will really appreciate if you answer back
    thank you in advance

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