Thanksgiving Blessings

filed under: Sugar Cookies on November 16, 2010


The first time I sat down to Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws, I had made the incorrect assumption that their celebration would be the same as my family’s.

I expected Turkey.  And pumpkin pie.  And football.  Well, there was football.  But no turkey!

Hubby’s family has a wonderfully diverse and sophisticated palette, and that year there was a plethora of other fantastic foods to choose from.  (It was delicious!)

But as the day drew on, I realized that it wasnt just the absence of the turkey that was affecting me.


In my family at every Thanksgiving dinner, we would go around the table and say one thing we were thankful for.

Truthfully, up until that first Thanksgiving away from my family, I had rolled my eyes in dread each time it was my turn.  Stopping and giving thanks was the last thing I wanted to do when I had a gorgeous golden brown turkey glistening before me.

Planning out our Thanksgiving this year it occurred to me that there was a way to incorporate my beloved tradition of giving thanks and still honor the gentle humbleness of my husband’s family.

I made “thankful” cookies.



The idea is simple… I place out a tray of blank cookies, and every family member can write one thing they are thankful for on their cookie.  People can do this throughout the afternoon in their own time.

They can do it anonymously or sign their name.


The nice thing about these cookies is that it’s a win-win.  Even if people don’t want to participate, we still have a lovely treat to munch on through our weekend!

So what family traditions do you have at Thanksgiving?

I highly recommend using my favorite sugar cookie recipe and glaze icing recipe.  🙂

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  • naomi says:

    Amanda, what a GREAT idea!!! I love it. Now I just have to get my icing right to do some cookies.

  • Paula says:

    Before I ate those sweet little cookies of yours I’d have to write that I’m thankful for having found you through blogging and twitter. Great idea!

  • Judy Kingston-Smith says:

    What a great Idea this is! Never thought about it before. Thanks!

  • Kristen says:

    What a brilliant idea!!

  • Judith Norman says:

    Excellent idea! My family had the same tradition (going around table saying what we were thankful for) when I was growing up. We also read a passage from the Bible. I plan to do the same when I am blessed with my own family.

  • Alexia says:

    What a fantastic idea! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone doing that before.

  • jenny says:

    i love this idea!!!!

  • Amy K says:

    I just had to stop by and congratulate you on your cookies making the top 50!!!! Yeah!

  • carma says:

    Cookies really do solve all problems!!!

  • Andrea says:

    What a grand idea! Good way to ‘compromise.’

  • Kylie Barnes says:

    This year we are starting the day off with an 8k race in our town. I hope it becomes tradition! I love your cookie idea.

  • Ashley Pichea says:

    I have NEVER seen the Food Writer pens before. Where did you get them? I *LOVE* this idea!!

  • SweetSugarBelle says:

    This is WONDERFUL! And just the reminder I needed. I am thankful for a heavenly father that has always loved me and has given me the best in this life. Even my temporary stumbles he makes into great things. Thanks for making me remember.

  • Amanda B says:

    We have the same tradition to say what we are thankful for before eating. We are going to my aunt’s house this year, and I think it will be fun to make these. I saw these pens recently, so I can pick a couple up and take them over there. I love this cookie idea.

  • Anthony Kimber says:

    Love your stuff………Very original, visually pleasing. Your site has a warm, cozy feel to it , as well….Kudos, Anthony.

  • He & Me + 3 says:

    Love these cookies…what a great idea. You are so talented. Miss you.

  • Alicia says:

    Oh my gosh….genius!!!!!!!!!! I love that idea!!!!!!

  • Bediels & Co. says:

    These are fantastic! What a wonderful idea for any age group. 🙂

  • Bediels & Co. says:

    p.s. I LOVE your new website design!

  • Charli Hess says:

    Simply amazing. 🙂 I think I will have to try something like this for my family. We all need something to be thankful for and to share that something. Times are a bit tougher than a few year ago so it is always so great to share things like what we are thankful for.

    I am thankful for God’s love and His beautiful Word, my husband and kids, and all the wonderful people I know. My life has changed dramatically since becoming a Saved Christian and through all the trips, falls, and stumbles, I know I can count of Jesus being there to help me when I do fall.

    Thank YOU so much for such a GREAT idea!! 🙂

    God Bless

  • Janice Emery says:

    Great idea for those that might be less than confident in speaking from the heart!

  • Sue {munchkin munchies} says:

    Oh Amanda, what a wonderful idea! We have this same tradition, but how perfect to incorporate cookies into it:)
    I’m thankful for so many things, but especially for knowing that my Savior lives! XO!