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    I am not a sweets person, and I just about get a sugar headache every time I come here just from looking at the pictures, but I love popping over here every now and then anyways. I never fail to get a super inspired idea for my rare baking instances. Since I do it so rarely, I want to make it count, you know!
    (can you believe that when I read back over my comment, it read “pooping over here” instead of “popping over here”? I fixed it, but shared anyways as a warning to other reckless would-be commenters)

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    I always click on you and say to myself: what treat will she have in store for me today? And you’ve outdone yourself once again. These are adorable! Going to save them for next year!

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    Hi there,
    We’re working on a piece here at The Daily Meal that is a roundup of the most creative cupcake recipes. We would love to include your Beer Mug Cupcakes! It will be a slideshow so we’ll need a photo and then will link back to your site. Please let me know as soon as possible. You can email me at jbruce@thedailymeal.com. Thanks so much!

    Jane Bruce
    Photo Editor
    The Daily Meal


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