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Cake Challenge {Grass Tip}

You guys aren’t messin around.

When I placed the idea out there.. the idea that I would create three different cakes from one decorators tip… I had NO idea what I was thinking.

The most commonly requested tip was #233.

The grass tip.

Most commonly used to make grass. In green.


And nothing else.

I was stumped.


I didn’t even own one.  I had to go and buy one.

(actually, I bought four, which really helped when decorating all these cakes!)


I wanted to make sure all these cakes served a purpose, so this cake is for some friends that just welcomed another baby into their lives.  A sweet little boy!



I held the tip at a 90 degree angle, applied pressure and make slight circles with the tip.  Then made smaller ‘stacks’ in the inner circles.


While I will never claim to be an artist (I have too much respect for the people that are!) I really liked how this technique came out.


I hope its self explanatory, but if not, here is my very technical descriptions.

I took the frosting and made swirly lines and stuff.


And while I can honestly tell you that all of these cakes are very easy to execute, this was probably the easiest.

And my favorite.  I don’t know why… maybe because it has all the colors in the rainbow?  And I am obsessed with rainbows?


To make this cake I just used the grass tip as you normally would, but didn’t extend the tip to achieve the long grass.  Just short little dabs of frosting.

Thanks for pushing me beyond what I knew!  I had fun making these cakes and hope that our friends and family will have fun eating them!!

So what do you think I should tackle next???


  1. Lauren says

    Hi there!! How big around is the rainbow cake? 10”, 12”? Looking for a size to serve about 15 or so people. Thank you!!

  2. Courtney Butler says

    Thanks for some new ideas! I use the grass tip for “fur”…I made some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (if I do say so myself) Sesame Street cupcakes (Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Oscar) using the grass tip, and of course, for “grass” on floral, football, and Easter themed cakes. I adore the rainbow cake above, as well as the sunset…very Van Goghey.

  3. says

    You not an artist? Are you kidding me??? I am definitely challenged in the cake decorating department (probably has do with me having ZERO patience). You, my friend, ARE an artist! Beautifully done. I do own the grass tip, and now you have motivated me to use it on my next cake!

  4. Addie says

    Okay, these are AMAZEBALLS!! I especially love the sunset & that rainbow poofball cake!! I can totally see that done in just a few subtle colors for a baby shower!! Would have NEVER thought to use the grass tip for something like that!

  5. Anna says

    You are absolutely amazing! I’m torn between the sunrise cake and the rainbow cake, I love them both!!!


  6. Sherry M. says

    Love the pompon cake (the third one)! Next time I throw a party for knitters I’m going to have to make this.

  7. Angela Willis says

    You did a great job- so creative! I just used that tip last week to make a Hobbit Hole cake from The Hobbit, its great for making fur, too (like Cookie monster, Elmo, or a bear), and maybe something that looks like spaghetti!

    If you baked a round cake you could almost use the last technique to make it look like a pom-pom! What fun that would be!

  8. Annabelle says

    STANDING OVATION for Great Job done.
    Any chance you could share all the colors (AmeriColors???) used in the Rainbow Cake.

  9. says

    Amazing, I am so making the rainbow one, but with different shades of pink for a baby shower perfect. #233 and I are old friends…..Grass on 3 dozens dino cupcakes, eek

  10. says

    I originally saw this on Pintrest, & I’m excited to let you know that I am decorating a cake for my daughter’s birthday this weekend with the multicolored flowers. Thanks for putting this out there on the internet, I’ve been inspired!

  11. Allison Coburn says

    Your rainbow cake – which I came across on pinterest – was the inspiration for my daughter’s Rainbow birthday party coming up! That’s how much I love that cake! I am going to try to make it for her birthday but am a novice baker. Silly question but how could I get those frosting colors? Are they ready-made or do I have to create them myself? Thanks for your help and thanks for posting!!


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