Pumpkin Pancakes (Part Two)

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I just posted the most amazing and delicious pumpkin pancakes I have ever had.  Well, here is another version of pumpkin pancakes.

Those pancakes tasted like pumpkins, these look like pumpkins!


These are so easy!  I just made our favorite pancake batter and reserved 1/4 cup of it.

I added McCormick’s black food coloring to the 1/4 cup and blended well.  Then added orange food coloring to the rest of the batter.


To make the fun designs, I put the black pancake batter into a ziplock bag and cut off the tiniest of tips from the corner of the bag.

Then simply piped out whatever design I wanted onto the medium high griddle, immediately followed by some orange pancake batter.


It was easy, fun, and my kids had a blast!

So this year we are going to a Trunk & Treat at our church.  (which means we get to avoid handing out candy!)

Do you have any fun plans for Halloween?  Any cute costumes for your kiddies?  You know I am gonna want to see pictures! :)




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  1. says

    What a fun Halloween breakfast for the kids. You are so smart to have thought of this and I can see it going all over the web…QUICKLY :) Enjoy the Trunk and Treat at your church.

  2. Janmary, N Ireland says

    Those look great – you are so creative! You must win the fun mum award!
    We have a Fall Fest at our church, but I have blogged about some of our Irish halloween traditions, both back when I was a kid, (which included turnips) and now.

  3. Del Kelly says

    How do you make your pancakes so thick and fluffy looking? Mine never turn out like that. I would love to try your pancake batter recipe if you can share it. Thank you :-)