Valentines Day Cookies

You can find my sugar cookie recipe and frosting recipe HERE.

I’ve been playing around. Here are some cookies I am contemplating using in the near future… think any are keepers? And be honest!


I’m sorta getting artsy fartsy. Dont know why.






Im working on some Valentines petit fours… hopefully (finally!) a tutorial coming soon!




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  1. Christina_SmileyCookie says

    The first picture literally makes my mouth water. Your cookies look so yummy. I think the icing is what I like best!

  2. Georgia says

    The cookies are beautiful. I love the lines with the little hearts on them. Have you ever done a tutorial or written how to do squiggles/cornelli lace?

  3. Amy T says

    Personally I like artsy fartsy ;-) I think the white cookie with the multi color dots is very cute. I am sure mine would look nothing like that, hopefully they will look like a cookie.

  4. says

    These are amazing! Love the stripes and the squiggles! And I’m always looking for a good sugar cookie and frosting recipe so I’m excited to try yours!