When people are kind enough to feature something I have made ontheirblog, I never quite know how to respond.

Thank you just doesnt seem enough! But, seeing as our relationships are mostly based via the inter-web (why I am using that word I do not know, since it drives me batty) its hard to thank people in person or with personal gifts.

I decided to try something well within my realm of capabilities. (still to be determined)

I made cookies.


Have you ever been to A Cup of Jo? Miss Joanna is quite lovely… thoughtful… fashionable… and a new mommy! You know I am a sucker for a babe and mom.


This is similar to her blog banner… Joanna and her hubby had the most beautiful engagement pictures where they are carrying a big red balloon.


I tried to capture it on this little cookie… I just hope it still pops up after traveling across the country!

(and since it gets dark around 4:00pm here all of these cookies were subject to that horrific thing known as flash)


She also professes a love for bikes.After seeing that post I sorta do too! 🙂


And of course… her new baby boy.

I have to admit, its hard tocompilean arrangement of cookies that are for someone that you have only ever met online… and doing the research for this sorta made me feel like a stalker!

I just hope she, and everyone else who has so graciously shared their web space with me, knows how much I appreciate the love.

Now I just need to figure out a way to send cookies to all of you… cause honestly, I would like to!

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  1. Wow! You never cease to amaze me! I have to say I am so happy I found your site a while back. My cookie decorating is getting much better with your helpful tips! Thanks!

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