I dont know about you, but I have sorta eaten a lot in the last few weeks.  And when I say a lot, I mean a lot.

Not only have I eaten like its going out of style, but I have let the kids diets slide as well… not saying no when grandma offers them a cookie. (or eight)  Letting them eat all of their bread and none of their veggies at Christmas dinners… not taking away the sweet treats and candy gifts people are so generous with during the Holidays.

So I knew I needed to give them some super foods… something to get their little gastrointestinal system back on track.

Bring on the smoothies.

My kids love smoothies.

And for the record, I do to.

I am going to share with you my super powered, body healing, stomach soothing, palate pleasing turbo smoothie.



Here’s how you make it.

Grab your cup of frozen blueberries.  I just buy a ton during the summer when they have them ‘buy one get one free’ at the grocery store and throw them in the freezer.


Put blueberries in your blender.  Add one cup of water.

Add banana. Blend well.


Add kale.  I pull all of the leaves off the stem first… the stem is extremely bitter.


Add spinach.  Fresh baby spinach works good too.


Blend everything together really well.  On my blender, which was manufacture in 1979 I kid you not, I have to blend it for about 3 minutes.

Now, taste it.

Is it perfect?  Then you have done well my friend and have no need of my super secret ingredient.

Is it slightly bitter?

Then you might want to try this.


Is that a super fun  ingredient or what???  If you can find organic even better.  I would add no more then 1 teaspoon, but start with 1/2 teaspoon and see how it goes.

Now, sometimes I get really, really bitter kale.  Usually the banana cuts most of the bitterness, but when it doesn’t, I just add a teaspoon of this.


But most of the time the sugar is not necessary.

Now, why a blueberry, kale, spinach, banana smoothie?

1. It tastes good.

2. Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and rate highest among other fruits and vegetables in their capacity to destroy free radicals.

3. Bananas are awesome.  If you would like some more technical terms go here.

4. Kale is in season in the winter, and appears to be able to lessen the occurrence of a wide variety of cancers, including breast and ovarian cancers. New research is revealing that phytonutrients in crucifers, such as
kale, work at a much deeper level. These compounds actually signal our
genes to increase production of enzymes involved in detoxification, the
cleansing process through which our bodies eliminate harmful compounds.

Talk about body cleansing. (for more info on kale click here)

5. Spinach rocks.  Just ask Popeye.  Calorie for calorie spinach provides more nutrients than any
other food
.  Feeling sluggish from all those cookies?  I promise some spinach will give you back some energy!

Let me know if you try it, or if you are already a super smoothie drinking momma.

If you are, why have we not discussed this sooner?  I need details girl! 🙂

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Reader Comments

  1. I just had my version of a super smoothie! One banana, two handfuls of spinach, 1 T of whole flax seeds, 3/4 cup chocolate (or vanilla) almond milk, and a few ice cubes. I will definitely be getting some blueberries to add to the mix!

  2. I’m definitely making this. I’ve never had Kale but I’m willing to give it a try. Thank You so Much for posting this recipe and for adding in the links to find out more about the ingredients. It is very helpful and extremely considerate of you to do so 😀

    I do have one question about the Kale. When you say “bitter” do you mean bitter like broccoli rabe because I’ve had that and I’m not a fan so does it taste anything like that?

  3. Thanks for the recipe! My four year old (who hasn’t met a veggie he likes more than once) just drank this without complaint! I’m so very excited.

  4. I am allergic to Kale! Crazy right? Even my super organic, veggie loving doctor was stumped when Kale came up as my number one offender on the food allergy testing! No wonder I was feeling so crummy when I started trying those green smoothies everyone was raving about! Anyway, is there something I should replace the kale with? More spinach? A different green? What do you think?

  5. I know you said “girl” but I’ll chime in as well. I have to admit, this looks tasty! Almost as good (but much better for you) than the chocolate Chip banana smoothie which has become my favorite. I do agree though, that frozen bananas are the only way to go with smoothies!

    1. Anything with chocolate tastes better dude. And I like frozen banana’s as well, but with 4 kids and me (I love banana’s) they hardly ever make it to the brown stage! 🙂

  6. I have also made almost this exact smoothie but used coconut water as a base and its really good. Coconut water is so hydrating.

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