I am really getting into the Halloween spirit huh?

This cake was a little different for me, because I knewexactlywhat I wanted inside, but had NO IDEA what to do with the outside!



And even though the outside of this cake is just supposed to be pretty enough to pass for “please dont let people look at the outside and want to puke” I ended up loving it!

And it was really, really easy to do! Which is great cause when stuff is complicated my brain hurts.

I’m a simple girl I tell you. Simple!


The inside, on the other hand, was not as simple. There was lots of carving and lots of scraping and me getting out a toothpick to move around fine little cake crumbs.

But I like it too.

I think.


Can you tell what it is? My hubby did right away! He said, “Some diamonds lined up?”

*banging head against wallrepeatedly*

Um, no. Its supposed to be a bat.  A Surprise Inside Cake with a BAT!


Oh well. At least it tasted ok.

It was white sheet cake (adapted from a recipe at allrecipes.com that I cannot seem to find for the life of me) and my favoritechocolatecake ever andchocolatefrosting.


The top design is simply my glaze icing and the little tiny bit of chocolate for the bird and branch is left overchocolatefrosting.

Even if you dont tackle the bat (heh, heh, tackle a bat, now that would be funny to see) I hope you will try the tree and bird design. It is really forgiving and will make such an impact!


(I justcouldn’tresist that big ole knife in there. I think thats about as scary as I get!)

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Reader Comments

  1. I can tell it’s a bat and think this is amazing! I also think it could look like a golden snitch, if you’re a harry potter fan.

  2. I just want to know how you did the bat inside! I have a cake order for a bat next week and THAT would be awesome! But how…?

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