Cake by the Numbers

filed under: Miscellaneous on August 5, 2011


I decided that I want to do something interactive here on iambaker.

*More on that in a moment.

Then I decided to give myself a challenge. 

So then I grabbed a decorators tip and told myself that I would decorate three cakes with it.

And then I decided that the theme was numbers.

Here is the tip I chose.  Its a #150.  The shape is similar to an oblong rectangle.  Its pretty basic.

So how do I design three different cakes with one tip?

You can go nuts here and pick any theme or any inspiration that strikes your fancy, but I just decided to use numbers.  So the next job was how to interpret them into frosting.

So yeah, I just sorta copied them exactly.  Maybe I will "interpret" numbers next time.




I liked how these turned out… its a simple, do-able, fun design that you can customize to any lucky recipient. 


I think "1" was my favorite.


Audrey adored "2".  The boys just wanted to eat them.

They can be customized for a little girls birthday or a tea party or make them blue and put a "You Did It" on the flag then surprise your kidlets on their first day home from school.

But there is more.

Here is where you come in.  I was hoping we could work together for the greater good of man.

Then make cakes and stuff.

You pick a decorators tip.

I will make three different cake designs from it using buttercream frosting. 

Pick any tip.  If I don't have it, I will get it. 

I will make cakes until you are sick of this little game and call your mom to come pick you up.


Here is where I totally lost focus of the cakes and started cutting hydrangea's in my yard and had visions of becoming a florist.


And here is where I counted my blessings that I could make cakes, be outside in the beautiful sun, and still be spending time with the little people that I made. Birthed.  You know what I mean.

*blissful sigh*


Back to work.

The challenge has been set.  Now its up to you.  I need you to help me focus. 

You pick a decorators tip and give me the number and brand and I will get to bakin'. 

Depending on the number of suggestions I will either pick a comment at random or just agree to that one that Cheryl has been buggin me about.

Ya know. If there are no other suggestions. 😉

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  • Juli Gregg says:

    How bout trying a leaf tip?
    P.S. The #2 is sooo cute!

  • grace says:

    fun. i think you should just dump your tips in a bag and pull one out at random. no doubt you can master any tip you get. 🙂

  • Mz. Cosby says:

    Cake 1 is my favorite! Great Job…

  • Lynne @ 365 Days of Baking says:

    Beautiful work on the cakes, but especially on the baby. Absolutely adorable and yes, you are very blessed, Amanda!

  • Alciia V says:

    This is a fantastic idea! People already posted the tips I thought of but I loe the cakes you posted today! 2 over and over… genius!

  • Carsedra - Sweet Tooth Desserts says:

    Manda you come up with some of the most amazing decorating ideas, simple yet amazing! The picture of Baby Eddie is sooooooooooooooooo precious!!

  • Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) says:

    What a clever “decorating by number” challenge! Think I like the “2”, too — though, the “7” is pretty creative! And the pic with your little one enjoying a grassy nap is so precious. 🙂

  • Linda says:


  • Whitney Holmes says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I absolutely love your tin dishes but they are so difficult to find; where did you locate your?

    I am always so inspired by your designs and presentations!

  • Milly says:

    Your cakes are so awesome! I would like to see you use a leaf tip! I’m looking forward to more of you wonderful baking!

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