Chocolate Covered Cherry Oreo Cake

filed under: White Cakes on February 21, 2011

*See the tutorial on how to make this cake right HERE!


I recently read a review of my blog that consisted of two words.

Calorie Heavy.

I was bit a taken aback by this short and decisive description. But, I decided to to not feel embarrassed or disappointed in the single minded perspective.

Know why? It’s SO true. I blog about baking. And 99% of the time, its cakes and cookies. That have lots of calories.

My blog is Calorie Heavy.

As am I.

Just sayin.

That being said, sharing this next calorie heavy cake with you is a great treat for me. Its probably the most fattening cake I have ever made.

Scratch that… I have made lots of cakes. Its just really yummy.

This quiet little unassuming cake packs a big punch.

It is a Oreo crumb covered, hot fudge dipped, chocolate covered cherry packed delicious white cake.


With a cherry on top.

Although I could not adore the oreo cookie crumb coating more… I have to tell you.

Its the amazingly sweet inside that I love.


Chocolate covered cherries.


Encased in a bed a sweet vanilla frosting.

Surrounded by a rich white cake.

Under a coat of hot fudge. Topped with oreo crumbs.

Now… I made this cake a week ago. But have been to scared to share it! I mean. Its a bit over the top.

I was going to offer a tutorial right away but it occurred to me… people probably dont want to make a cake that should really be served by the fork bite instead of by the plate.

Its just too much! My insane idea to make this cake must have been based on some weird pregnancy hormone.

I think.


Just for the record… next time I make this I am going to add more oreo. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Thank you so much Angie for this beautiful cake stand! I just love it!


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  • Kristen says:

    Its not calorie heavy its calorie HEAVEN!!!! And please I would love to see a tutorial, my goal this year is to make all birthday caked from scratch!

  • Kat says:

    This looks absolutely stunning……..and don’t be concerned about someone describing your blog as calorie heavy – who cares, calories are awesome, and what’s a piece of cake if it’s not laden with calories?!

  • kelly says:

    Trying to get my jaw off the floor. OH MY! It’s perfect. And those crumbs on the outside. I’m stunned. As far as the tutorials go, really? It’s nice for you to share so much, but goodness. I’ll buy a book from you. You’re amazing.

  • L Kelly says:

    Are you serious?!? Yum, just yum.

  • Amy says:

    Gorgeous photo! Very Wayne Thiebaud ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Serendipity is Sweet says:

    Amazing. I had to share. Well done!
    Found you through Pioneer Woman Cooks. Super blog.

  • jan says:


  • Linda says:

    Calorie heavy… yum yum yummy!… having just had my 2nd child and already dropped over 26 lbs and i so so so want a piece of this cake! i say only a piece because if my husband saw ( and tasted it i’m sure) I’d be unlikely to get more than just a piece of it!
    Keep the recipes coming!

  • Karen says:

    Holy lip smackin do….. This looks marvelous!

  • Cathy says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL cake!!!!!

  • Katy P says:

    PLEASEEEEE give the tutorial!!! I WANT this cake- of course, I am also pregnant- but it looks delicious!

  • Erin A says:

    Wow. Gorgeous!!! Looks SOOOO rich.

  • Jess says:

    Holy YUMMY!!!
    That is all.

  • MissCakeBaker says:

    I am going to dream about this cake!

  • Ashley McCain says:

    Saw your link on Pioneer woman’s latest Cooking post. Wow, that is some cake! You are so talented!

  • Michelle says:

    WOW!!! I am soooo gonna make this one day soon!!! Beautiful!!!

  • Isabella says:

    I want to make this! First time visit to the blog…not the last. I’ll love seeing the faces of my guests when I pull something so glamorous out to the table!

  • brigette says:

    what a beautiful cake.
    stunning. truly.

  • Amanda M says:

    Oh my god ! Amazing !

  • Barbara says:

    You are my I love what you do with cakes..and oblivious to the calories too. yep you wear a cape alright.
    My cake baking as slowed to a crawl but could definately rev a little just by visiting your site.
    I have a suggestion for the frosting, it would take it up a notch more in the calorie department but is an awesome frosting.
    Meringue Buttercream..mmm I use Collette Peters recipe. YUM
    You have made a fan for life or until I can’t get through the door LOL.

  • jess @ Multicultural Melbourne says:

    I just randomly came across this recipe (looks magnificent btw!), and just want to say that my blog and myself are also “calorie heavy” – more power to us, I say! Keep up the amazing recipes, some things in life are worth being a little chubby for ๐Ÿ™‚

  • B says:

    I can’t get over the shear beauty of this cake! It looks so pretty and dense and I want a bite!

  • Danielle says:

    Did i some how miss the tutorial for this amazing cake?!?!

  • Debbie MacKenzie says:


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