This is my youngest child, my baby girl, my sweet giggly Audrey.

Exhibit A


Although it would be fun to post pictures of her and talk about how cute she is and oohh and aahh over my precious little angel, thats not what has inspired me to share today.

I want to talk to you about a couple personality traits of mine.  Not just any old quirks… the two quirks that when used together produce a dangerous and often painful result.

The two personality traits in question are "cheap mommy" and "oh just let me do it!"

Alone, these traits can be ok.  Even beneficial!  Cheap mommy at the grocery store or a Chuck-E-Cheese is a good thing.

"Oh just let me do it!" mom is a breath of fresh air when you are trying to get on an elevator filled with seventeen people and your toddler stops in the door way and decides to tie their shoe even though they just learned yesterday.

But together… **shudder**

Exhibit B


Audrey's bangs.  I thought I could cut them myself.  I thought I would be saving the family time and money.

I thought it was silly to take a one year old in for a 'bang' cut.

Silly, silly mommy!


Yes.  I did this to my baby.

I may have scarred her for life.

Well, I may have scarred me for life.  If I hide the evidence I think she'll get over it.

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Reader Comments

  1. Been there!!! I tried on my first son at about 2.5 years of age when he had a SERIOUS mullet going on ….with extra long bangs. I put him in his high chair, started snipping and it was a disaster!!! Bad enough to learn my lesson for good. I have not touched either child’s hair since!! On a positive note…she still looks cute and the bangs with look scraggly again in no time:)

  2. i cut my husbands hair, even been known to whack at my own bangs (many moons ago). i swore i never would do that to my girls. so far i haven’t. remember cheap and frugal aren’t the same! i think her hair looks fine just like a sweet baby. but if it bothers you…opt for the bang trim next time. many places do it for free!

  3. I think she looks adorable. But we, too, have given the kids bad cuts (or ones we thought were bad). It makes us stronger, right?

  4. As I read this, my 3 year old is sporting some seriously short bangs, courtesy of me. So I just pulled some more hair over the top of them, to disguise it until they grow a little. Ooops!

  5. I cut my hubby’s hair once…he wanted me to use the shaver and buzz the back of his hair. I made one sweep up heard a funny – terrible sound and had gouged out a chunk down to the scalp. That was the first and last time I have ever attempted to cut someones hair! 🙂
    Your daughter is adorable and she won’t remember bad bangs! 🙂 I think when I was about 5 I let my neighbor cut my bangs and she thought I needed a triangle cut…yes it was that bad! 🙂
    Have a blessd week!

  6. Been there, done that. Except Brianna’s was so bad that she will probably need therapy for it one day. It was BAD. I started out trying to trim it, and it slowly turned into a “oh no, she has no hair left!”

  7. Oh, and another recent bad haircut confession. Tyler(17) trims his hair with the clippers. He told me to do his neck (which means there is no guard on it). Before I could cut it, he told me to straighten up his hair (which needs a #4 guard). Anyway. I forgot to put the guard back on and cut a patch right down the middle of his head. I felt so guilty that I bought him a new pair of shoes that day.
    So trust me, it could be much worse than bad bangs…lol.

  8. *L* I don’t think it looks that bad. I’ve done the same thing because I, too, thought it was a waste of money. That’s what hair gel and a little baby bows are for. 😉

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