This is my youngest child, my baby girl, my sweet giggly Audrey.

Exhibit A


Although it would be fun to post pictures of her and talk about how cute she is and oohh and aahh over my precious little angel, thats not what has inspired me to share today.

I want to talk to you about a couple personality traits of mine.  Not just any old quirks… the two quirks that when used together produce a dangerous and often painful result.

The two personality traits in question are "cheap mommy" and "oh just let me do it!"

Alone, these traits can be ok.  Even beneficial!  Cheap mommy at the grocery store or a Chuck-E-Cheese is a good thing.

"Oh just let me do it!" mom is a breath of fresh air when you are trying to get on an elevator filled with seventeen people and your toddler stops in the door way and decides to tie their shoe even though they just learned yesterday.

But together… **shudder**

Exhibit B


Audrey's bangs.  I thought I could cut them myself.  I thought I would be saving the family time and money.

I thought it was silly to take a one year old in for a 'bang' cut.

Silly, silly mommy!


Yes.  I did this to my baby.

I may have scarred her for life.

Well, I may have scarred me for life.  If I hide the evidence I think she'll get over it.

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Reader Comments

  1. I did the same thing! My daughter had her first haircut ever and a couple of snips later, she had crazy crooked, bangs that were too short! But it was cute! I took a ton of pics, poor thing, hehe.. Audrey looks adorable! Hair will always grow back!

  2. My mom butchered my hair once . . . but I was in the 6th grade! It was certainly scarring. 🙁

  3. You could just tell everyone she did it herself. That’s what I would do. lol
    As cheap as I am, home haircuts are the one thing I’ve always avoided. I just don’t trust myself!
    Luckily, she’ll never even know!

  4. Awesome pics of your daughter. What type of camera/lens do you use? I like the blur in the background. At least you gave her the cut and she didn’t give it herself! 😉

  5. I am a licensed cosmetologist and I would never attempt to trim bangs on my squirmy baby don’t be too hard on yourself!!! My suggestion… make life easier on yourself and forget bangs all together! Grow her hair just one length. That’s what I do with my girls. To get yourself through that awful in-between stage where their hair just hangs in their eyes just pop it in a cute pony on top of her head or even pig tails! I just discovered that Laine’s hair would fit in 2 little piggies on top of her head and I’m seriously tickled pink she looks so stinkin’ cute!! (I put a pic of it on my facebook page if you’re so inclined!). Nice catching up with you!

  6. She’s georgeous Amanda! Those beautiful eyes! I cut my kids hair too mostly because Hubby doesn’t like to spend money “just to get a haircut!!” Thankfully they are boys and their hair grows quickly and I just use a hair trimmer.I haven’t had to cut my Audrey’s hair yet- not looking forward to it and will probably have to just take her in because I’m not so good with a scissors!
    You didn’t even do a bad job though-better than I would have done! Maybe I’ll bring my kids over to your house for their next cuts???

  7. I am sorry but I am laughing at this one! I was one of those that took my kid to get her bangs trimmed. I am not handy with the scissors at all and I didn’t want anything awful to happen! My step sister cut her daughters bangs and she looked like Jim Carey’s character from Dumb and Dumber for WEEKS!!

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