UPDATE: Tutorial here!

So last week I saw on twitter that someone was getting ready to celebrate Daffodil Day on April 27th.

Whats this you say?  I love daffodils!!  I just knew I had to make a cake.

Well.  Come to find out that Daffodil Day is actually a Canadian thing.

As I am a resident of the United States, this technically doesn’t apply to me.

But, (and more importantly) as I am a person in the human race and love other persons and don’t want anyone to suffer no matter what their nationality, I decided that I would be silly to not celebrate!


I thought this cake might also work for mothers day.

I know I am a mom and I like flowers and I like cake and I cant be that different from other moms right?

I just made a white cake with tinted buttercream.  Then piped some stuff.  And licked my fingers.  And piped some more.

I am still in the thick of planning on what kind of treats to make for my mom for mothers day.

Since I have to travel for hours I might not bring a cake, but maybe cupcakes?  Or maybe I will make her a cake and dedicate it to her but then just eat it.

It’s the thought that counts right?


Anyway, I made a 100 daffodils trying to make this cake and around flower #99 I think I figured out how to do it.  I will have to see if I can replicate that and do a tutorial for you soon! (If you don’t want one tell me now, cause I am a lazy bones and I just want to sit around watching TV and reading the dozens of magazines I have piled up that look so good.  But ya know, I could bake too.)


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Reader Comments

  1. Awesome! You have more patience than I do but yes, a tutorial would be nice. This cake just speaks spring and I love that Canada has a Daffodil Day for such a worthy cause.

  2. This cake is gorgeous! Daffodils always let me know that it’s spring!! So pretty & love how each slice will have a perfect daffodil on top 🙂

    1. Thank you pretty lady! Was just looking at your gorgeous blog… you never fail to impress me with your talent!

  3. Oh that’s simply lovely! I adore your hydrangea cake as well. It makes me want to learn how to pipe frosting. How you find time to create such beauty in frosting form with so many little ones at home, baffles me, but I love that you find time to make yummy things and be creative and share them with us. Baking and being creative makes brings me joy too, but my things never turn out as beautiful as yours.

  4. Oh yes PLEASE….tutorial for the daffodil’s. The cake is amazing. Very spring like. I give it a double thumbs up!! 🙂

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