Easy Orange Cake {Pantry Organization}

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This Orange Cake comes together so quickly and is a definite crowd pleaser! I was able to make it because I finally did some Pantry Organization. (Who knew I had 4 bottles of Orange Extract?!?)

Orange Cake

Pantry Organization

Before I share the recipe (it is below) I need to tell you a bit about how this cake came together. I opened my pantry door and was a bit taken aback at how disorganized it had become. Spices were everywhere and thrown on the shelf every which way. It was the same situation with the extracts and food color. Not only was the pantry a mess, but it was costing me money as I was replenishing products that I had plenty of!


Just look at the state of that. How could I ever bake properly when things were hidden behind piles of products?

So I decided to empty out the pantry and start over.

How to Clean a Pantry

I ended up having to work with 2 shelves at a time as the content of my baking shelves was enough to fill our table and countertops!

Pantry Organization Tips

Bags upon bags of half-opened chocolate and marshmallows. I was able to consolidate quite a bit as well as get rid of expired or stale items.

Ready for the “after”?

How to Organize Spices

I absolutely love how it turned out! Every item has a home and I can clearly see how much I have of each!

Spice Organization


Pantry Organization Ideas

Start with a Clean Slate – by removing everything I was able to see everything I had and determine what was needed. I was also then able to properly clean the shelves and any dirty bottles if necessary.

Sort by Season – as a baker it helps to have all baking related items near each other. The same applies to seasons! I grouped all my grilling seasonings so that I would have easy access to them all. I also grouped all the dried herbs in their own spot. I used these handy-dandy sliding spice containers from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Corners – hello lazy susan! I asked my friends on Instagram what they thought I should do with the corners and people overwhelmingly responded with lazy susans. They were right! It allows you to easily access items that would otherwise be awkward to get to.

Orange Cake RecipeOrange Cake Recipe

Because I was able to see that I had 4 bottles(!!!) of Orange Extract I decided I needed to make an Orange Cake with an Orange Glaze. My clean fresh pantry was my inspiration for baking!

What I love about this easy recipe is that it is a few simple ingredients and comes together so quickly. It also incorporated fresh orange juice as well as orange extract so the flavor is OUT OF THIS WORLD amazing. Orange lovers watch out… you will not be able to get enough of this cake!

If you wanted to make this into an Orange Creamsicle Cake, simply omit the orange extract from the glaze and replace with vanilla.

Easy Orange Cake

This Orange Cake is small but packs a huge flavor punch. I used a standard size bundt pan but you could definitely use a smaller pan to get the more traditional bundt size.

I like to add the orange glaze while the cake is still warm so that it seeps into every nook and cranny. I also like to reserve just a bit to add to each individual slice!

How to Make Orange Cake


Thanks so much for supporting the brands that support iambaker! I love working with McCormick and love being able to share the products that I really use in my kitchen!

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Orange Cake
Easy Orange Cake
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
30 mins
Total Time
40 mins

This Orange Cake comes together so quickly and is a definite crowd pleaser!

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Easy Orange Cake
Servings: 8
Author: Amanda Rettke
Orange Cake
  • cups (192g) all-purpose flour
  • teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ cup (100g) sugar
  • 2 large eggs room temperature
  • 3 tablespoons whole milk
  • 3 tablespoons orange zest from about 3 oranges, the zest is for garnish but it is easier to zest oranges before juicing
  • ¾ cup (6 ounces or 177ml) freshly squeezed orange juice from about 3 oranges
  • ½ cup (112g) vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon McCormick vanilla extract
  • 2 teaspoon McCormick orange extract
Orange Glaze
  • cups (160g) confectioners' sugar
  • 4 -6 tablespoons whole milk
  • 2 tablespoons McCormick orange extract
Orange Cake
  1. Preheat oven to 350°F and prepare a bundt cake with baking spray.
  2. In a medium bowl sift together flour and baking powder. Set aside.
  3. Add sugar, eggs, milk, orange juice, oil, and extracts to a large bowl and whisk until fully incorporated.
  4. Add the flour mixture to the wet ingredients, and lightly whisk until combined. Do not over mix.
  5. Pour the batter into the bundt cake and bake for about 25-35 minutes until lightly golden brown on top and a toothpick comes out mostly clean (not wet).
  6. Remove from oven and let cool for about 5 minutes and then invert onto a cake plate.
Orange Glaze
  1. Mix all the ingredients until fully combined. Start with 4 tablespoons of milk and add more as needed.
  2. Drizzle on a warm or cooled cake.
  3. Add orange zest as garnish and serve.




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  • Gayle gonzalez says:

    What did I do wrong I had to literally double the recipe so that it would fit my Bundt cake. The recipe gives for so very little

  • Dina says:

    I love your recipe

  • Suzanne LaLonde says:

    I have no comments yet, just getting started, even though I’ve been desiring all of your recipes!!!

  • Suzie K says:

    I absolutely LOVE citrus flavored cake! Tomorrow I’m running out to buy some orange extract and making this yummy looking cake!

  • Amy Banks says:

    Hi there!! I am a cottage baker and have really come to appreciate your recipes and knowledge. Thanks for sharing! Apologies if I missed this in the post….but, I’m needing to make this into a 6 inch 4 layer cake. Should I double this recipe? And, I have frozen concentrate orange juice. Wondering if you would suggest reconstituting it or using it the way it is? 🤔 Thanks so much!

    • Maureen Bailey says:

      Did this work for you as a cake? I have to do the same thing. Let me know. Thanks.

  • Rosa says:

    Can i use this recipe and use lemon?

  • Annie Magaret Harris says:

    Love you!

  • Gwen Bracks says:

    Could I substitute lemon for the Orange please

  • Amanda says:

    I accidentally added orange zest in the cake.. hopefully it’s still good.

  • Rosemary says:

    I tried this recipe and it was so delicious!!

  • M. Bagchi says:

    Tried the cake without the glaze. The flavor of orange is intense in this cake which I love! It also tasted amazing sign Nutella, like a chocolate frosting. But the recipe itself needs some modifications.
    The recipe is for a small cake. It also didn’t rise much, I will try adding some baking soda next time -I was surprised the recipe didn’t include it given the amount of acidic ingredients. Also the cake itself is very low in sweetness – you need to add much more sugar if you aren’t planing on the glaze. Even though I doubled the sugar and I generally find most recipes to be too sweet, this one was still low by my tastes.

    • Patricia Vargas says:

      Yes , I did today and it was low in sugar too

  • Joyce says:

    Awesome recipe..I tried and it worked out best.keep up the good job

  • Jp says:

    I knew immediately the ingredients needed to be doubled. The texture is fine as is but the flavor leaves a lot to be desired. Definitely not the Orange cake recipe for my use!

  • Dalilah says:

    Hello there! I tried this recipe tonight & it smells, looks ; tastes great. I think it makes for a great brunch cake.
    I followed the recipe except I didn’t get enough orange juice out of the 1 orange I had but you know what I did have…? orange liquer so I completed the 3/4 cup w/it. I didn’t have C sugar but I still grated the orange & added its zest to the batter.
    Thank you for the cake fix- it was yummy.

  • Theresa Dyer says:

    Your cabinet looks good I think I’m going to clean out my storage room 🥰 and make that orange cake as well
    Thank You for sharing

  • Karen s . Kirby says:

    Instead of using a bundt pan can I put it in a 9 by 13 pan??

  • Gabrielle Calawor says:

    170g of sugar is 1cup of sugar not half acup of sugar! The measurements are incorrect! Also,when whisking, are you supposed to use a wire whisk or can you use an electric mixer? I am not happy with the directions!

  • Gemma Tilley says:

    1st time I made it, I was so impressed. I was a little disappointed with the size (being too small) so I doubled the recipe and solved my problem. I really love the recipe! the cake is so refreshing.

  • Fatima says:

    This cake has become our house favorite. No matter what other dessert I make, they always ask me to do this cake once more.
    I double all the ingredients so they can fit my bundt cake, and for the people with a sweeter tooth, they might like to add more sugar, we think it’s perfect the way it is.

  • Lucy says:

    I just ate my first slice of this … it was divine! I used orange and lemon juice mixed with the icing sugar for the glaze. Will definitely make again. Did it in my bundt tin .. half-filled .. but perfect for the two of us.

  • Debbiedo says:

    Wow loves th cake and the glaze is so good definitely has orange flavor I used my bundt pan it dont go all the way up but its perfect for my hubby and his mom to enjoy so ty I wont have to worry about wasting it lol

  • Carole says:

    Hi…I’m Carole from Capetown South Africa …So I made this delicious cake just to try because I’m all about orange and lemon cake… As I’m typing I’m enjoying a few slices😀 with rooibos tea ..Even if its rather small that’s OK I’m certainly not disappointed… I just cut it in small block sizes and I’m in heaven ..Thankyou so much…Oh I’ve added some zest of lemon too so its just the way I love it…Can’t wait to surprise my children when they visit…

  • Gabby says:

    The cake came out pretty and the texture is nice, but the flavor is really lacking. There’s too much extract and it takes like low quality orange candy.

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