I'm so excited to share with you the 'behind the scenes' of my interview and cooking segment on Fox 9.  I have never been in a television studio and it was just as exciting as you would expect!

Well.  If you are a stay at home mom who doesnt get out much and is easily impressed.


When I arrived I walked into the studio where Karen Scullin was live reporting the news.  She was great!


I'm sorry these are so blurry… the sweet gal offered to take a
picture and I forgot to tell her how to use my camera… so you can see
that wall behind Karen is crystal clear! 😉

I sat down almost immediately and had my interview… I had no idea what it was about until about 27 seconds before it began.

This was my new best friend Dana's spot…she got me my microphone and told me to relax (I think she could sense my nervousness) and that it would all be just fine!

After the interview we went over to the 'kitchen' and I got all set up!



Very nice and helpful Ricky took this picture before we started.  (There is the Rainbow cake I forgot to get a picture of!)  The kids and DH were in the studio the whole time and were little angels!!  Having them there meant so much to me!


Here is Karen and I during the actual taping… Ricky had told me to pretend I was standing in my kitchen talking to my best friend about cooking.  So, thats what I did! 


Sorry this is so blurry and that I have alien eyes, but I was so happy when it was all over I was even willing to post for the camera!

So if you feel so inclined, go ahead and check out the segment here…and if you want to see all of the things I baked stop by i am baker.

And thanks for all the encouragement and support!  You guys are AMAZING!!

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Reader Comments

  1. That is so cool! Ok, maybe 30 people before me already said that, but seriously, HOW AWESOME!!!
    I can’t wait for the link. Call your new peeps up at Fox 9 and have them get on that…he he he.

  2. I caught you on tv purely by accident – but you were amazing! I still don’t know how on earth you do it all – but you do, and sooo well!
    Congrats – I bet this is the first of many of great things to come!

  3. Hi Amanda, I just read your little note on my blog (lifewithmultiples.blogspot.com). Ouch-so sorry to not give you credit. My brain is very very altered since I’ve been raising three wee ones. YOUR cake was to die for and somewhere on my blog mid October there is a picture of it. My mom used to bake wedding cakes and attempted it. She was horrified that it started leaning and went out and bought one. I said, nonsense, it’s the most beautiful cake ever. And it did taste scrumptious. We never ate the store bought cake. So thanks for sharing Amanda! YOUR cake was awesome and I will give credit where it’s due. Thanks for the blog picture love. I am completely obsessed with photography lately. Now, I want to take some time and read through your blog. Nighty night! Annmarie

  4. Wow!!! Thats awesome!! Your becoming a celebrity! hahaha. That is just so cool I dont even know what to say! Congrats! Cant wait to view it!

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