…to my belly.

I should have said something very Martha Stewart-ish there such as…

“From my Kitchen… to yours.”


“From my kitchen… to your table.”

But I gotta keep it real.  When I cook, I eat.

Often the grazing I do on the food I prepare is a meal in itself.  But that doesn’t stop me from sitting down and eating with the family as well.

Must I disclose every poor habit of mine?

We have been in the throws of zucchini season around here… and therefore have attempted to consume it in a variety of ways.

(and be warned, I am extremely ill equipped in the food styling department, so you my see the same strawberry a similarly cohesive design used more then once)

Zucchini Coffee Cake


Zucchini Casserole


Zucchini Chocolate Fudge Cake (also seen at Tasty Kitchen)


And one of my favorites…

Zucchini French Fries (sooooo yummy)


With the abundance of tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers (actually not so abundant this year) and onions, we have made LOTS of salsa.  I’m talking like five times a week.  Fresh every single night.

Thank you Magic Bullet.


And thank you pre-mixed store bought taco seasoning in the .69 packets.  I truly would be lost without you.


Just dump one packet of taco seasoning into container of sour cream, stir, and spread on a platter.  Top with veggies of choice (yes, I know that tomatoes are a fruit) and dig in!

The following salad was served at Elizabeth’s shower, and prepared by my very creative Mother-in-Law.  When she described it to me, I had my doubts.  I mean really.  I am a Midwestern girl.

I likes my meat.    I likes my fruit.

I do NOT like them combined.


I am wrong.  I love them combined.  At least, in this salad I do.

I had to make it.  Its uncomplicated design beckons novice chefs such as myself.




Honeydew Melon

Serve with a dressing of equal parts french dressing and sour cream.

Feast on its deliciousness.

The final picture is that of something my kids have enjoyed immensely.

It only took me about 20 minutes to make it all… I only messed up ONE pan, and used very handy and inexpensive ingredients.

It was beyond easy.

My kids love it and ask for it everyday.

And I happily oblige.



Play dough.

Apparently, every single mom that has ever lived knows about making play dough at home and how easy it is.

I’m a little slow.  This was my first time.

I used Martha Stewart’s recipe (although this one I have linked to is double the amounts of my recipe, not sure why) and found it to be so simple I would highly recommend it over store bought.  It even lasts longer and is organic, so I don’t have to flip out if my kids eat some.

Not that they would do that.

How about you.. what wonderful yummy creative enticing appetizing handy practical and adaptable things have you made lately?

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Reader Comments

  1. Did you happen to have some zucchini that needed used up? 🙂
    I graze while I cook too, but then I never want to eat it!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmm, you sure are making me HUNGRY! =0)
    Especially that chocolate brownie one with the strawberry on top. Looks soooooooooooooooo GOOOD!

  3. That turkey and fruit salad look great! I’m going to for sure try that.
    I love taco seasoning packets…but I finally googled the other day how to make my own seasoning and now we eat taco-seasoned things even more often!
    I’ve never made play-do yet either, but that’s going to change…thanks for the reminder!

  4. Fried Zucchini and fudge cake, sounds great! And I tell you I’m impressed that there is deco on top of anything, we don’t put strawberry’s on top of cakes around here, only icing ;)! And my grazing could be a meal in itself too, that’s why I told hubby it was okay I didn’t get any hasbrowns tonight, I already had some of course!

  5. YUM!! As I was scrolling, my 2 year old kept saying “Ooooo, what that?” and “Eat that momma?” too all the cakes.
    I too am guilty of the grazing… maybe that’s why my thighs could pass as a small child all on their own.
    I like my meat separate from fruit too. Can’t eat it together, no way, no how. Oh and nuts too… leave them out of the chicken salad please. 🙂

  6. I AM SO IMPRESSED with your pictures. I love the angle with the play-do. And that zucchini brownie with strawberry on top? To be honest, I don’t like zucchini, and my mom tries to give us loads of it but I decline because no one here will eat it, but you make it look like a delicacy. Those zucchine fries look awesome.
    I’m so glad I met you. How do I become a follower? There’s no follower place that I can see.
    Regardless, I’ll be stalking you too.:)

  7. I might like some of those zucchini recipies. Beyond the basics of baking, frying, and steaming; all I know how to make with it is bread and chocolate chip cookies.

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