Halloween Petit Fours

filed under: Miscellaneous on October 25, 2009

I have never worked with fondant before.

But I kinda liked it.


I am rolling out fondant for ‘petit fours’.

If you clicked on the link above you saw that I chose the easy version and used Oreo Cakesters.

Now that I have a little experience under my belt, (not to mention a few Oreo Cakesters, yummy!)  I just might try and make them from scratch next time.


I’m pretty sure that there is supposed to be a smooth edge and no folds at the bottom.

Oh well.


I have a theme in mind.. can you guess? 🙂



Listen.  I have to be honest.

I tried to be hip and cool and make something very festive and seasonal.

But I cant!

I don’t like bats.  I don’t like spiders.  So I knew if I was going to be making them they had to be pretty.

I do not want to eat (much less look at) a scary spider or a rabies infested bat!

So I made them white.


These are my petit fours.

Halloween style.

I am pretty sure thats an oxymoron of some sort.




This is my version of a spider.  White fondant covered in white sprinkles.


Although I think fondant tastes like poo, it was really fun to work with!

In addition, a sweet reader pointed me in the direction of her homemade marshmallow version.

I just might have to try it.

Then maybe, I can actually eat what I make.

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  • Michelle M. says:

    Those are incredible! It was definitely time for you to start a blog that focuses just on your creations. 🙂

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  • Courtney Crenshaw-Butler says:

    Amanda, you MUST MUST MUST try some homemade fondants! The marshmallow is good, but impossibly sticky to work with (dust your surfaces with cornstarch and work quickly). My personal preference is Michele Foster’s Fondant, the recipe looks intimidating, but it isn’t at all difficult. It’s pliable and holds it shape, it’s a dream to work with. If you want to buy a premade in a time crunch, Satin Ice is now widely available (Kroger and Hobby Lobby now carry it) and it’s pretty tasty. Their chocolate tastes very fudgy!

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