How to Melt Chocolate

How to Melt Chocolate {Baking with Aunt Inga}

Just in case clearer instruction is needed, here are some tips when melting chocolate in the microwave.

  • You can use any type of chocolate you prefer, but keep a closer eye on white chocolate.
  • You do not need to put it in a plastic bag, you can also melt it in a microwave-safe dish.
  • If melting in a plastic bag, begin with 30-second intervals.  After 30 seconds have passed, remove the bag and gently massage the chocolate, trying to locate and disperse hot spots.
  • If melting in a microwave-safe dish, remove the bowl at 30-second intervals.  Stir thoroughly.  If the chocolate needs to melt more, remove the spoon and heat in 15-second intervals until you reach a ‘mostly’ melted state.  Remove bowl and stir until all lumps dissolve and chocolate is smooth.
  • The benefit to melting chocolate directly in a bag is that you can immediately begin piping it out.


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  1. Oh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Aunt Inga! Heeeeeey! Waving at ya!

    You’re so smart. I never thought about putting it directly in the piping bag. Duh.

  2. When I melt chocolate for cake balls or other such projects it’s never melted enough. I end up with thick chocolatey goo all over instead of a smooth look. How can I get it thinner and more liquidy?

    1. That just depends Kristen… what kind of chocolate are you using? Are you doing it in the microwave or on the oven? Are you melting it in a bag or in a bowl?

  3. I have a question, Aunt Inga!! Did Mailman Merle know you back when you were Miss Sweet Potato?? He must have been smitten by your charm! 😉

  4. LOL!! I love her!! Annie (my youngest) was kissing Aunt Inga on the computer! 😉

    Love her and her tips, keep’em coming!


  5. Hey Aunt Inga! I love your sweater and your little story about being Sweet Potato Queen – I bet you were something back in the day. Well, you still are, dontcha know! Mailman Merle thinks so, I’m sure. Hi to Ollie and Sven!

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