Just in case anyone wanted to make their own Hydrangea Cake, here a a couple quick tips to make it easier for you!

First, I baked my cake. I just did a regular white cake with the lemon curd filling and lemon frosting. (Seriously delish.. and perfect for spring or Mothers Day!)

I used 8in pans then carved around the edges to make my ‘bouquet’ shape.

You can also bake cake in round pyrex bowl or basketball cake pan or something round.


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I then covered the cake in buttercream frosting and chilled it in the fridge.

For the flowers, I used the rest of my buttercream, making sure the consistency was on the thicker side. Pick the colors that you prefer, and create three of four variations for your petals.


Using a #104 tip with the small edge out, I just piped out four petals to each flower.

I think the actual hydrangea petals are a bit more flat, so if you can master the tip you can create a more realistic looking petal!

(This was my first time trying this flower… I am hoping to improve more for next time… I also want to make this cake in white and pale pink… can’t you just see it???)


I started with one color in one section then made a bunch of flowers overlapping each other again and again.

Then went back in with another color and started adding more flowers. Anytime I saw a flower that I didn’t think was good enough I just added a new one on top of it!


This is a really forgiving and easy technique… you really can’t go wrong!

And when you are all done, you get this…


Hope you will try it.

And be sure to leave a link and let me know if you did!



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Reader Comments

  1. Hi Amanda.

    Just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog. I come here for inspiration all the time; Well, mostly when i’m at the office, but what my boss doesn’t know, can’t hurt me, right? :). Keep posting – your making my working hours a hell of a lot more fun!

  2. I am decorating one today! I will let you know how it came out. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas.

  3. Thanks for the awesome tutorial! Mine didn’t turn out quite as nice, but I’m sure everyone will enjoy eating it!!

  4. Did you pipe the hydrangeas onto a flower nail and then transfer them to the cake? I haven’t had great luck with that unless I put them into the freezer. Any tips on how to do this easily?

  5. Gorgeous! If you make another one this spring, will you consider a few extra pictures of how each flower is constructed? I’m a novice, and super visual, so showing each petal would help tremendously. I have someone in mind for this cake, and would love to make it this spring.

    Thanks for all you share – you’re so talented!

  6. What a lovely cake! I’m thinking about making this for my mothers birthday ! I just have one quick question, the frosting that you made the flowers out of, did you use the lemon frosting recipe you supplied or did you make your own different frosting? Thanks! x

  7. This cake is beautiful and I really want to try to make it. All the of links for the buttercream go to a Valentine’s Day roundup. Could you please share the link for the buttercream? I’ve searched your site and found a couple different buttercream recipes so I just want to make sure I use the correct one and have enough frosting. Thanks very much.

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