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filed under: Miscellaneous on September 13, 2009

I was asked a while back if I would be willing to donate some cookies to the Liz Logelin Foundation Gala.  My response was, "Yes!  Of course.  But really?  Cookies?  Who wants to bid on cookies?" 

Well.  Most likely no one.  But that's ok!  I am just thankful that I was allowed to contribute in a small way.

So that was the end of that.

Until I read about Jo walking in the Liz Logelin 5K.

How neat is that??  Well, yesterday I had this really neat idea for cookies that I wanted to try out.  SO I threw up a little plea on my blog asking if anyone had an occasion in which I could make them some cookies?!  Jo responded, and I knew immediately that I had to make her some Liz Longelin cookies.

I couldn't resist sharing, as they are kinda cute! (And no, this was not my *neat idea for cookies.  I still have to do that…)


*when I say neat I just mean that it sounds cool in my head but will most likely be a disaster of gigantic proportions.  Just sayin.


I used this picture for inspiration.


I didn't have the same font… and sorta decided to make these on the spur of the moment so I didn't have time (or should I say, didn't make it a priority) to make letter templates by hand.


Just to change things up a bit.  I sorta liked the stacked one better. 


I know letter cookies look easy… but I actually made at least two of each letter needed just in case.  I tend to break them.  And mess up on frosting them.  And get colors wrong. 

So maybe in fact they are easy to do, and this is just a classic case of operator error.  Huh.

I still gotta do about a dozen more.  Haven't quite figured that out yet.  But I am seeing more pink in my future.

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  • justlori2day says:

    So sometime this fall can I hire you to make Minnesota cookies for Mantha’s Social Studies class? They are studying MN history!!! They would love em!!!

  • Amanda Rettke says:
    Absolutely!!  Just let me know when I can help!  🙂