L.A. Candy Cookies

filed under: Miscellaneous on May 19, 2010

These cookies are a bit different then what I am used to making. Not only is the theme new, but I am sending them off to LA where the famous people are.

I feel hip just saying LA.

I'm so excited! And lame.


Do you know who Lauren Conrad is? Shes a gorgeous Laguna Beach girl who was on The Hills but now has her own clothing line and is a New York Times best selling author.



I'm sorry its so hard to see some of them.. I used a really pale pink and it just doesnt show up. 🙁



And doing white on white isnt the best for photography either.


(still hard to distinguish) This was one of my favs. I love mixing fonts. Can you even see that white LAUREN on there?? No? Well. You can on the cookie. I promise.

Anywho… I have no idea if these are ever going to been seen (or eaten!) by the actual Lauren Conrad, but I can sure pretend!

Did I mention I'm a fan?

Yeah. We have the same birthday. Except she is still in her twenties. And thin. And has great hair. But other then that its like we were separated at birth.

I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe and my favorite icing recipe.

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  • Stephanie says:

    I can see the white on white! And it is late and I am tired so really, that is something. 🙂 Very nice job once again.

  • Paula says:

    Very nice, and yes I can see the *Lauren*. I hope that she does actually receive them and gets to see and appreciate all your hard work.

  • Jennifer says:

    Pretty!! The soft colors are so beautiful! I hope that they get to Lauren because that would be awesome and I’m sure that she’d love them!!

  • ElizaBeth says:

    All the way to LA!? WOW! If you can ship cookies past me- you certainly can send some to me…. 😉

  • Angien24 says:

    These are so pretty! I love the soft pink and the different fonts, I can see the white on white, it’s great! I also like how you made some look like the books. I hope she gets to see them. Let us know if you hear anything!

  • Aimee says:

    I can see the white on white quite clearly! 🙂 Looks fantastic and amazing as usual! Great job 🙂

  • Mandi says:

    Oh hey, the white and pink on white is cool!
    K for reals, I meant to contact you about doing my son’s bday cake (or cookies?) for his birthday last week but my MIL works with a lady who’s done our cakes before and she (my MIL) wanted to get the cake for him from her this time, so I let her. Anyway – my hubs’ bday is June 2nd and I’d love for you to do cookies for him! How much time do you need before the event? Cause I have NO idea what I want the cookies to look like 😛

  • Alicia says:

    Nothing short of awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see ours..LOL!!
    And by the way…you should get the check by tomorrow! I mailed it off yesterday!!!! 🙂

  • Daniela beier says:

    Wow, again, amazing!!!!!
    I wish I could see it in “real life”… 🙂

  • Sue says:

    You always do such a great job! I can see the white on white too:) Hopefully she’ll see them…if she does, I’m sure she’ll be tickled!

  • suziem says:

    i just discoved your blog and i loved it!! that valentine cake stole my heart!!

  • Jessica says:

    I love Lauren Conrad, and we NEED to find a way for her to see these cookies! Seriously! I will help!

  • Renee says:

    Very nice, great job. So you are just sending these to her in hopes she gets them? I hope she does if thats the case 🙂 Good luck.

  • Aimee says:

    Those are beautiful – you did a great job!!!

  • Molly says:

    Very very cool! I always love your work. I love LC too and even read LA Candy! Keep up the great work!I love seeing all the coolness that you create!

  • Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. says:

    Adorable cookies as usual! Love all the details…I could see the lighter shades just fine! Good luck sending your cookies to LA! By the way…I love seeing my name on cookies…HA!

  • Jackiefo says:

    I love them all!!!! And I too love Lauren Conrad – she has the best hair, you are right!

  • angie says:

    LOVE the cookies…you are sending these to LA and you never told me?????

  • Erica B. says:

    How cool. Love the cookies and Lauren Conrad would be luckey to have a bite of these cuties!!!

  • Kristin Smith says:

    So do tell…how did you come up with this idea?? Or did someone order them? I think you do fabulous work and she would be lucky to get them! 🙂

  • Maranda says:

    So awesome! I hope she does get to taste them because if she doesn’t she’ll be missing out on something really spectacular. Well done, as always. Thanks for sharing!

  • meaghan (chic cookies) says:

    These are great! She’ll love ’em (when I was working at the store, I got an order to LA for Nora Ephron and I was over the moon, you know, Nora Ephron? When Harry Met Sally? Oh my goodness, I’m so old and totally unhip.)

  • Jill says:

    Amanda, I am in awe. I try to write on my cookies, and just seem to have so little control…. I use a standard royal icing rather than your version – and I think I have used a #2 tip for writing (I use a #3 for my outlines/dams)…. any smaller and the icing just doesn’t want to flow, and even with #2 it seems tough. I wonder if I’m not thinning it enough? I use the same icing I would use with a #3 to do an outline.
    I wish I could see some of the pale pink & white on white, but what I can see is just beautiful.

  • Kalle says:

    beautiful cookies, I’m sure LC will love them. I’m a huge fan of hers too! I cried a little when she left the Hills but then her clothes came out and I couldn’t blame her.

  • tia @ buttercreambarbie says:

    those are beautiful! what devotion to LC you must have.

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