I wasn’t planning on doing a tutorial, but had a few requests so figured why not.

But… the tutorial is actually on a cupcake.

I hope this will be enough information for you wonderful bakers to translate it into any application that works best for you!

Now.  For the very in depth and grueling tutorial.

Or not.

You can successfully create a lilac design is five easy steps.


(a cupcake or cake)


An optional step… you can see on my original cake that I didn’t do that.


I also used a #101 and #102.  I found them all to be about the same in this context.



And thats it!  A Lilac Cupcake.  Easy huh?


I made three different purples, and then decorated a cupcake using each color.

That got a bit boring so I made multi-colored cupcakes as well.


Still a little bored.

What else can we do?


Now these are fun! (and to be honest, sooooo much easier!)

I made all of these cupcakes the exact same way as I did the lilac cupcakes.  Or should I say, the technique is the same.

The difference between the two versions is simply pressure.  I made a bigger dollop for the cupcake on the right and a smaller dollop for the cupcake on the left.

I don’t know, but I have a feeling that is what those tips were supposed to do.  But since I am not a trained baker and I just make up stuff as I go along, I cant say for sure.

I bet you guys know… what exactly is a #101, #102, #103, and #104 piping tip for?


Now that I have shared my lack of technical intelligence with you all and am horribly ashamed, I might have to just go to my happy place.


Which is of course, anywhere I can find large quantities of cake and frosting.

Just sayin.


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Reader Comments

  1. I love the chrysanthemum cupcakes! I saw something like that in Martha Stewart’s cupcake book, but I was intimidated. Your technique is so simple and yet so lovely!

  2. I was searching for a cake to make for my MIL’s 80th. She is from Rochester, NY and there is a lilac festival every year. This will the perfect summer cake, easy to cut, easy to eat and I won’t take so much time away from the family during reunion week. Thanks so much for your tutorial. Everything is so beautiful, your cakes, your writing, your photography, your creativity…gush, gush, gush. 🙂
    One question, my daughter and I were trying to guess if you used four colors on the cake and only three for the tutorial? I love the depth of color.

  3. lol I love these! I did in on several cakes (the larger version you showed here) and I put all the colors in the bag so it was a “tye-dye” kinda look… very trippy, very hippy I loved it and so did the girls 🙂

  4. These are just gorgeous and you have truly inspired me to give this a go – and since I am not known for my decorating prowess that is saying something!!

  5. These are just gorgeous and you have truly inspired me to give this a go – and since I am not known for my decorating prowess that is saying something!!

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