Every year one of my hubby's friends has a big Memorial Weekend get together that goes from Saturday to Monday. People bring their families and their campers and tents and have a fun filled weekend of eating and playing and socializing.

So approximately 28 hours ago we glanced at the invite and realized it said, "Bring a dish to share."

So my brilliant idea was, "Oh, I'll just whip up some cookies!"

I have never been known for my intelligence.

I have been baking and decorating cookies for the last 6 hours. I have got no time left to do my hair or wash my clothes. At least my nails were already done.

The invite said, "Join us for a Weekend of Family & Friends and Campouts".



I didnt have a cookie cutter for the fire so I just made one quick.


I tried out that whole wet on wet technique that everyone else is so good at for the fire. I like it!






Quick little happy accident I have to share… I didnt have time to go and pop all the air bubbles in the logs, but I love how it seems to add texture! Its almost even better now! 🙂



I know its not technically a 'dish' to share, but I hope they like it!

And I hope you enjoy your Memorial Weekend and a BIG thank you to all the Veterans!

I used my favorite Cookie Recipe and favorite Icing Recipe.

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Reader Comments

  1. These will definitely beat out smores any day. What a super cute and creative idea. Why I am not surprised?! Hope you have a great gathering will all the family and friends.

  2. Awesome cookies! Enjoy your camp out. We are headed to camp (in a tent) for the next six nights. We leave tomorrow after church services. Can’t wait! I love camping!!

  3. Always have to have a last minute cookie idea. Don’t you love when you don’t read the full invitation? 😉

  4. My goodness, Amanda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just when I thought I saw it all!!! I’m so excited to see Miranda’s cookies!! You know you’re going to have a complete blog post dedicated to you!! LOL

  5. These look great!!! My “dish to share” is ALWAYS cookies. Careful though, from here on out, you’ll not be allowed to bring anything else, especially after these beauts make an appearance.

  6. These look amazing! How long have you been decorating cookies? You’re incredibly talented… 😀

  7. You know, I had come by earlier to see if you had any fun red, white and blue cupcakes to share for the holiday, but no, you go so above and beyond. Unbelievable. I’m sure EVERYONE liked them!

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