I couldnt possible share the business side of things without some delicious cupcakes.

Mini Brownie Cupcakes


Its like Julia Childs says, “A party without cake is just a meeting.”

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And now for an exciting announcement!

On April 11th there is going to be a VERY special guest in the iambaker community.


Brenda from Sugar High Inc. will be doing a LIVE Q&A for you!  I dont know if you have seen Brenda’s work but she is absolutely one of the most talented cake makers around.

From 7:00pm to 8:00pm CST on April 11th she will be answering questions live… sharing some of her techniques… showing us some of her beautiful creations.  Since fondant is not something you will typically see on my site, I am just thrilled that there is an opportunity to learn more about this fantastic art-form.  And who better to learn from?

The best part?  This is all available to you for FREE!  You get access to one of the most creative and brilliant artistic minds in cake baking simply because you are a member of the iambaker community.  Seriously, people pay big bucks for access to this type of information.  Big, big, big bucks.  But for you?  Free.

I will even be having a super special prize for some participants in the discussion!  Let me know if you think you can make it… I want to make sure I have enough prizes!

You will not want to miss this amazing event!!

MIni Brownie Bites

Oh, and did you want to make these little beauties?  Well, I slaved away for hours putting them together.  It was really quite complicated and intricate should only be attempted if you are a highly skilled baker.

Mini Brownie Bites from iambaker.net

Kidding.  I bought a box of brownie mix and opened a container of Cool Whip.  Feel free to judge me… they were delicious. 😉

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Reader Comments

  1. First of all, love your brownie bites!
    Secondly, never heard of her and that monster cookie cake eating hello kitty cookie is absolutely amazing!

  2. I have to ask, what’s the little candy things you put on the top? Planning at b-day cake and they are too cute and would look great on my b-day cake for my friend!

    Thank you!

    -love your blog. I’ve used to many recipes and love everyone I’ve tried!-

  3. brownie mix and whipped cream – now you’re speakin’ my language.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter 🙂

  4. These mini-brownies are very cute! I like the frosting on top and the sprinkles- looks very tasty!

  5. I’m looking forward to the 11th of April! I think that it will be exciting to have a guess on this blog answering questions I may have plus learning new techniques. I think that is AWESOME! Thanks for the announcement!

  6. Great news…and here I thought you spent HOURS making those brownie bites. I’m so going to have to remember this ! LOL ~ Michelle

  7. Hi amanda 🙂 ,

    I would love to be there tommorrow for the live conversation. I have a question….. what time would it tart in germany? Because we have a different time. Do you know that? Thanks. Tanja. 🙂

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