Did you know Mothers Day is May 9th? That is only twenty-seven days you have to find the perfect gift!

Good thing you stopped here.

Over the course of the next twenty-seven days I am going to be sharing with you some simple yet tear-inducing gifts that your mom will love.

I mean love.

First up is the Mothers Day Cake.

mothers day cake

You can do this! Just bake a cake then make swirly things on top. Mom’s love swirly thingies!

motehrs day cake

But lets take it a step further.

mothers day cake

Mom rocks right? She deserves something more. She deserves the little extra effort.

mothers day cake

Can you see it? The swirls are actually made up of letters! (I did this before with my Spring Celebration Cake)

Its says, “happy mothers day” over and over and over again.


When you give mom her cake, she is going to feel so special. When you tell her that *you have devoted hours and hours to painstakingly writing out each individual letter to spell out ‘happy mothers day’ she is going to flip out.

*Disclaimer. Don’t lie to your mom. This cake took me less than an hour to decorate.

I used a box mix for this cake. Devils Food.

For the fondant… (this is exciting news for me so I have a little drum roll going in my head)..

I made it from scratch!

Now. People have been telling me for over six months to make my own, but I was scared.

It seemed hard! There are so many ways to mess up! It’s not going to look as nice and smooth as the store bought!



1 bag mini marshmallows

1 pound confectioners sugar

1 tbsp water

shortening for greasing hands and surface


(cake before I added little hearts)

So not only was it easy, it tastes Great!! I actually ate cake with fondant and I enjoyed it!

Plus, it is SO MUCH cheaper!

Thank you, bakers of the world, for sharing your secrets. My wallet and taste-buds are forever grateful.

Be sure to stop back for my next Fantastic Mothers Day Gift Idea. (imagine an announcer with a really deep voice saying that in a really significant way)

I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. OH wow!! I can’t believe I have never stumbled upon your site before and now I can’t stop pinning pics!! I always make marshmallow fondant too, much easier, cheaper *and* tastes good!! Although I don’t think I would ever have the patience to write all over a cake like this one. Amazing.

  2. I have never seen anything like this cake before! the swirls and lettering are just beautiful! stunning really!

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