Would you like to see how I did on TV?? 

Me too!!  And thanks to Trish VanPilsum
now you can!!  To make a long story short, I chatted with her a bit
today about how much fun doing the TV show was but how sad I was there
was no link.  And Trish magically made it happen within hours!!!  WOW!

THANK YOU Trish and the amazing staff at Fox 9!

Now just click HERE to see my little clip!

*Just a side note, it would be my hope from this to see everyone reach
out and share their talents.  Do you bake?  Do you knit or make cards
or parent really well? 

Contact your local news or paper and tell
them!!  Just let someone know about you.  Share yourself with the
world!  If they will let me on TV, I have a feeling that they will let
anyone who wants to share their gifts!!

You can do it!

Share with your friends!

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Reader Comments

  1. You looked FAB!! All of your stuff is so inspirational and it makes me think I could pull something like that off. Maybe someday I will!
    Thanks for posting the link, it was fun watching!
    (I’m in Elk River, are we ‘neighbors’? :D)

  2. Congratulations Amanda! You did a fantastic job! (I have heard before that Lynne’s is a good place to go for baking supplies and have actually planned to go there, but I haven’t made it yet. Hopefully one of these days…)
    Hope everything else in your life is getting easier. It’s easy to wallow in a funk, especially this time of the year, I think. HUGS to you!

  3. That was really cool to see you recognized for (some) of your talents. Thanks for the link! All of my work friends watched too, and then I pulled up photos of Hannah’s bday cupcakes(which she still talks about, BTW) Yay! We’re proud of you!

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