I use that word loosely, because most people don''t think of politicians as famous.  I however, dont get out much.

Most folks who know me IRL know where I stand with politics. 

Well, most folks who don't know me IRL know where I stand with politics. 

But it seems, for some odd reason, that I only find myself meeting the folks who I have…uh… maybe not supported in the past.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention, this representative was entirely gracious and kind.

For anyone who doesn't live in Minnesota or North Dakota, this is probably not going to mean anything to you.  My apologies.


This is me and Minnesota State Senator Amy Klobuchar.

I got to meet her Sunday morning when I did my little baking segment.

Here is a link if you would like to watch.

Meeting Tom Halden was so fun… he had me doubled over laughing out loud.

Although, that might have been as direct result of the sugar rush he got by eating the sweetest dessert known to mankind at 9:45 in the morning.

Just sayin.


I am just so grateful that they gave me an opportunity to do this.   Thank you!

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Reader Comments

  1. That’s quite interesting…funny, but interesting too. I guess God can still use us to reach others who may have different beliefs than ours to witness to them. How else will they ever hear the Truth? I’m glad you got to meet her.

  2. Wow! I’m a sucker for anyone famous! 🙂 One of our Iowa Senators visited our church once and I was pretty much geeking out the whole time!
    By the way–you look beautiful! I love that green necklace!

  3. Hello
    Wow I am glad that you are with Minnesota State Senator.You look nice in this photograph and I really like that you have shared this with all of us.I think it was a good moment for you.Thank you..

  4. How neat
    When I went to Girls State when I was in high school, we visited the state capital and George Bush was there b/c he was our TX Governor at the time. He signed my Girls State book and shook my hand and talked to me.

  5. so cool! i’m not in to politics either but it is nice to meet people making decisions in your area and see their personal side…you’ve had so many wonderful opportunities lately!

  6. You were fabulous! Your buddy Tom got right into it, didn’t he? I was afraid he’d run out of frosting for a minute there 😉
    What is that regular out of the can frosting or your buttercream frosting?
    We say “icing” here in the great white north, but you have me saying frosting all the time now. I’m getting Americanized 😉

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