So yesterday I posted my recipe for Red Velvet Graham Crackers.

When I made them I had only one purpose in mind.


Patriotic Cheesecake!  Red velvet crust, white cheesecake, and blueberries!  God Bless America!

Too much?

Just look at the glorious crust… thick amazing red velvet crust lusciousness.  Decadent and creamy cheesecake.  Naturally Tart and sweet blueberries adding a little jazz to your tastebuds as all the flavors come together. (links to the recipes I used)

I really want to try this red velvet crust with a chocolate cheesecake, a white chocolate cheesecake, even a red velvet cheesecake!! Can you imagine?

A few things:

When making the red velvet graham crackers, I much preferred the texture of them on the second day, or when they were more dry.  However, for the cheesecake crust, using them the same day I made them worked great.

I found that my food processor did not get a fine enough crumb, so I got out my food processor and ground them even more fine.

If you want you can add a couple tablespoons of sugar to the crumbs after you have added the butter.

red velvet cheesecake

Red Velvet Graham Cracker Crust

Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
I really want to try this red velvet crust with a chocolate cheesecake, a white chocolate cheesecake, even a red velvet cheesecake!! Can you imagine?


  • 2 c Red Velvet Graham Crackers crumbs finely ground
  • 1 stick butter melted


  • Grind up red velvet graham crackers into food processor. You want a fine crumb. Melt 1 stick of butter and add to red velvet graham cracker. Prepare your spring form pan with cooking spray or butter and then add red velvet graham cracker mixture to pan. Press down and make sure to press up the edges. You can use a glass to press crumbs in tighter and get a more uniform crust.
  • I used an 8in spring form as well as a 9in and much preferred the thickness of the crust in the 8in.

Did you make this recipe?

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I hope you enjoy this Red Velvet Crust!

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  1. can’t seem to get the recipe for the crackers? It’s there, but there’s no ingredients under it? Something wrong with my computer perhaps?

  2. I am so on the same page with this post right now! I love a good cheesecake with fresh blueberries. And I love your red velvet crust – this a beauty of a cheesecake!

  3. Oh My….you are creative. I too am a passionate baker and photographer (I can appreciate bloggers like yourself who generously share and post their work.). But you have demonstrated another wonderful tip (to me anyway)!!

    I take photos of all my creations (am scrapbooker too). I WAS using a drop shadow (PS: “Layer style”) on my text layers to isolate text and have it stand out better. Your technique of blurring the background instead of applying a drop shadow on text layer is brilliant! This clever technique does not compete with the subject…yet it’s obvious the background is the extension of the subject. Thank you!! I love this! Off to my Pinterest board!

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