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filed under: Miscellaneous on December 5, 2011

My phone died.  More accurately, all three of our cordless phones died.  We were down to one that was working, which was always lost somewhere in the house, that I could hear ringing but could never find in time to answer, so I would always make a made dash to the base and talk to whomever was calling on speaker hunched over with my face within inches of the base so they could hear me.

It wasnt pretty.

But then these happened.  The V-Tech Cordless Answering System with Headset.

When someone called, I simply reached for the fully charged and operational phone and had a conversation.

It was revolutionary.

Actually, these phone are kinda revolutionary… they come with a bunch of high tech features and that hands free option.  Which, hello, is practically worth its weight in gold around here.

I can talk on the phone AND be making a cake.  Or feeding a baby.  Or folding laundry.  But not all that at once.

I really like our new phone and thought I would share it in the off chance that you need a new phone OR need an idea for a Christmas gift!  (You can get it on sale right now for only $79.99 and FREE shipping!)


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  • Bethany says:

    Ha! We’ve done that so many times. My father-in-law gave us a set a year or two ago and we’ve already lost one. I think Breeley may have thrown it away. :/

  • Joy says:

    We just started buying the cheap cordless phones. We go through them so much. My kids should be testers for electronic companies. 😉 Glad you got a set of phones to work! 🙂

  • Christina says:

    I kid you not when I say our 2 cordless phones died Sunday. It was the most frustrating thing in the world. Our cell phones don’t get awesome reception in our house. Why do things fall apart on the most expensive month??

  • carma says:

    this is a very timely post. I was literally just unplugging our cordless phones per the phone company so see if I can get the horrible static off the line. I only purchased this set of 3 phones about 6 months ago so I have a feeling it is really a phone company issue – but you know they charge a bundle if they ever have to set foot inside your house :-O) I’ll just continue speaking on the crackling phone line.

    So few people have landlines any more I feel like we are in the minority – but I do love having a home phone.

  • Anna says:

    Awsome looking phone. I”ve had aVtech for the last 3 years, and it’s worked great. The battery is dying now, though, so the phone won’t hold a charge more than 15 minutes off the base. But what made me chuckle about your post is that, a phone is exactly what I told an inquierer I wanted for Christmas. My brother had called me up to see what I wanted and I had absolutely no idea. Until my low-battery allert started beeping. “A Phone, naturally!”

  • All My Monkeys says:

    FYI – you can buy new batteries off ebay for super cheap. I did that about a year or so ago. Still working great!

  • All My Monkeys says:

    OH YES! Comes WITH a headset?? Answer to prayer. I have a friend I talk to often (both SAHM’s) and we talk, while doing dishes and laundry, sometimes up to 2 hrs. 😀 After that long, I get a neck cramp. giggle.

  • Tahna says:

    I’m getting this phone for Christmas from my hubby…being a SAHM…with 3 young boys and a baking business it was a must have…I even found a code online for 10% off…Thank you…Thank you for the idea. And for all you do. You have blessed me in more ways that you know.

    Merry Christmas

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