Rainbow Bus Cookies

filed under: Sugar Cookies on January 28, 2011

These cookies are for sweet Jennifer and her adorable one year old Finn.

Jennifer had told me about her vision, and then sent a little picture along for me to follow from.

I would not consider myself a hippy by any means, but I sure did get my groove on making these!


As you might have imagined, I didn’t have a bus cookie cutter, so I made a template and cut each one of these out by hand.


I love her color choices!


I sorta couldn’t stop taking pictures of them.



Rainbows make me happy.  (See here. And here.  And here. And… well… this could go on all day.)


Rainbow sugar cookies make my belly happy.


Happy Birthday Finn and Happy totally non-official I am just making this up Rainbow Day to you!

*I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe and glaze icing.



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  • jen says:

    sometimes … i sneak back to this little corner of the web and longingly look at the cookies that you made for my sweet little boy’s first birthday. we’re a month away from him turning four. FOUR. F.O.U.R. oh.my.heart.

    • Amanda says:

      You are adorable!!! And FOUR? Oh my goodness… I can’t believe it!

  • Jessica says:

    Hi there! I love those cookie photos? Can I have permission to use them on my van-travel blog? I’m looking for a good vw bus related ‘happy’ photo and this fits the bill pretty well. 🙂

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Jessica- Thanks so much for asking! You may use ONE image with a DIRECT link to my blog. Thanks!

  • Christina Nelson says:

    Hi! My parents 50th anniversary is at the end of this month. We had 4 of these VW vans growing up. Do you bake for others, or just for your blog. They are amazing! Great job!

    • Amanda says:

      This is just for my blog. 🙂 Happy 50th to your folks!