I tend to use that term “shortcake’ pretty liberally.

I looked it up and decided that I was gonna stretch the meaning as far as you would let me.

This sweet little treat was completely inspired by my Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake.  Another of my “loosely adapted” shortcakes.

Only this time, I used sugar cookies.  Then I couldn’t find an easy recipe for Red Velvet Sugar Cookies so I made one up.

And they were awesome.  (sharing that with you soon!)

I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe.

Then grabbed some fresh strawberries and some whipped cream.  If you are a die hard strawberry lover you can even add some strawberry extract to your whipped cream!

Place a cookie on your plate.  Now a dollop of whipped cream.  Some strawberries.  And repeat.


I cut up my strawberries pretty small as I found it easier to eat that way.  Its all about easy eating here folks.  I am on a mission to get the food in your mouth in the best way possible.

I also made a few without the red velvet cookie just to be sure they would still taste good.  This type of food quality testing is very important.

Rest assured, I will do the tough jobs for you.



Red Velvet Sugar Cookies post coming soon.  I just couldn’t wait to share this dessert with you.  I know its going on my list for possible Mothers Day treats!



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Reader Comments

    1. Oh funny!! I cant wait to find out if you like it. I know Sugarbelle has a Red Velvet cookie recipe if you really want to make is ASAP. I will be posting mine tomorrow or Thursday. (its a little easier in terms of ingredients) Be blessed sweet friend!

  1. I can’t wait for that Red Velvet cookie recipe. My step-daughter is a Red Velvet anything fanatic. It might get me on her good side! But for now I will get my sister to go to your site, my mom just came back from Florida with a flat of Plant City Strawberries and we are celebrating Easter a week late so I know what I want for dessert!

  2. And now I want one…darn you. I shouldn’t be surprised, I always leave your blog hungry! 😀

  3. Gorgeousss photos! These seem fairly simple to make so count them on my list of treats to try!

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    Just found your blog from Rasperri Cupcakes blogroll link. Your blog title stuck out, love it, heh. Have to say, love your blog, colours, design, and of course your sweet treats. Nomerrific!

    I’m your newest subscriber so wanted to ‘out’ myself from lurkville and say Hi *waves *. I’m Lisa (30) from Blighty (otherwise known as England, lol). I’m also a dessert blogger so if you have a moment, please come checkout my blog.

    So nice to meet other bloggers with the same sweet interests. I’m also into photography so loving your photos.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking.

    1. Sorry for another message but I’m finding it hard to subscribe to your blog. The Feedburner links both say that you’ve moved to iambaker.net which is the site I’m trying to subscribe from. Please could you email me the new Feedburner link to RSS subscribe? Thanks.

  5. Can’t wait to try your sugar cookie recipe…should the butter be at room temp or cold?


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