I am nervous to show you these cookies.


They are based on this design .

Please please please go and look at the link so you dont think I am losing it by making these cookies for a thirteen year old girl.

(The link shows up a bit pink on my screen, but Alicia confirmed that the party supplies are definitely red.)

Its all very cute and hip and fun and I just hope the cookies fit in with the decor.

So now we can move forward.

Thank you for your participation.




I also made a big cookie that will go on top of a white cake. Its over six inches across!

Since I had NO clue how to write out M-I-R-A-N-D-A in that particular font, I had to search for it on dafont. com.

Even though I practiced quite a bit, I still had a tough time getting it just right. I have lots of room for improvement here!



Happy Birthday Miranda! You Rock! Hope your party is Rockin'!

(sorry. couldn't resist)

I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe and my favorite icing recipe.


Oh! Did you happen to notice that my Olympic Cookies are no longer here? Well I sorta neglected to get permission to use the very trademarked symbol of the rings.

So! Had to take them down. If you are going to start crying and lose sleep tonight and possibly snap at your spouse in frustration because you cant see them anymore, have no fear. I still have them up on my personal flickr stream. 😉

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Reader Comments

  1. Oh My God these are great–how in the world did you manage that font??
    I bow down to you..

  2. What 13 year old wouldn’t love these?? They look awesome and you need to give yourself more credit!

  3. Wow, these RockStar cookies look fabulous!
    I made Olympic cookies this year and my little brother joked about getting in trouble for posting them….seriously?? wow!

  4. I don’t even know what to say about these cookies. There are seriously no words to describe the awesomeness of these. As someone who is struggling right now with just plain ‘ol writing on a cookie, I bow down to you and your fancy font! I mean wow. Just WOW.

  5. How did you get the fonts so nice freehand? My friend had wanted me to make cookies with a big fancy W on them for her wedding but my samples were so awful im going to have to do something else. Any tips on how to do it better?

  6. Wow, you duplicated the design perfectly! My favorite cookie is the one with the guitar and her name:)

  7. You are SO TALENTED. I love your blog and look forward to your updates! Cookie making is exhausting for me so I’m really thankful that you update so frequently. You are awesome!

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