I was taking some pictures of Audrey today. 

She is always busy doing very important things and cant be bothered to sit still for mom to take her picture.

But I try anyway.


Its such a treat to catch her expressions.  And Audrey, like any two year old girl I am sure, seems to have a lot of them!


Mostly though, its smiles.  She is quick to share her smiles and offer you her joy. 



I hope she never loses that.


And just who on earth IS THAT??  Where is my two year old? 

She looks like a young lady already getting annoyed with her overly protective mother.

Not that I am overly protective or anything.

Ok, I totally am.


They just grow up so fast. 🙂


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Reader Comments

  1. Amanda – your family is so beautiful. But these pictures of Audrey just melt my heart! She is just gorgeoous.

  2. The Bunny turned three on Sunday. She’s a little girl now. The baby/toddler’s all gone. But she still cuddles and loves and smiles and sings, and it makes my heart glad.

  3. What a lovely little girl you have there. :o) Don’t fear her growing up. Enjoy every moment!

  4. I can’t believe how big she is. She’s always been so pretty and her beauty continues to grow. The first picture is my favorite and the last picture, I love it!!! I look at all of mine and think “how are they this big?”…Jacob’s 10 and don’t ask me how that happened and Noah’s 13 1/2 months and well it seems he was just born. Time goes by way too fast!

  5. Amanda! She’s getting so big! And she’s a beauty! The good thing about your family is she has tons of brothers! I have all girls so daddy’s going to need a shot gun! 😉

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