Shark Fin Cupcakes

filed under: Cupcakes on July 8, 2015

Making shark fin cupcakes is easy and fun!

Shark Fin Cupcakes! (video)

I made these this morning because this week is a special week. SHARK WEEK!

I can’t help myself during Shark Week. Admittedly Sharks terrify me and the ocean scares me and the idea of being in open water is clearly a nightmare.

But I am fascinated with Shark week!

Shark Fin Cupcakes! (video)

So I had the idea for these little cupcakes and thought I would share.

I used my white cake recipe and simply tinted it blue.

I used my crusting buttercream recipe (halved it) and tinted some grey and some blue.

Here is a little video:

Tips & Tricks:

For the fin I used a #126 tip which is basically a large #104 tip. Teardrop shape. You can see that I used my finger to go and “clean up” the fin a bit. I made multiple cupcakes and only did this to about 1/2. Some come out perfect, some benefit from a little “cleaning up”.

For the water I used the #233 grass tip. A fun way to add more detail would be to have a few different blue colors in your pastry bag.

Shark Fin Cupcakes! (video)

If you enjoy Shark Week like we do, or simply enjoy a new fun way to decorate cupcakes, this is a great option! It is ridiculously simple and just plain joyful.

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  • CakeSpy says:

    Adorable. I’m still scared of sharks in swimming pools, though!

  • Amy @Very Culinary says:

    Omg, so cute! I’m putting in a request for dinosaurs next. ha!

  • Julia @ Sprinkled With Jules says:

    These are so stinkin’ cute! I’ve never watched shark week, but I need to!

  • Kelly says:

    These cupcakes are so much fun! Love them!

  • Barbara @ Barbara Bakes says:

    Super fun! I love the ocean and have seen sharks while I’ve been scuba diving. Not the big eat you kind of sharks with the fin in the cupcakes, but only eat stuff off the bottom kind of sharks. 🙂

  • Becca from says:

    These are the absolute cutest cupcakes ever! Well, OK.. sharks aren’t really CUTE, but I think you know what I mean 😉

  • Joanne says:

    SO MUCH CUTENESS! Which shark week definitely needs more of.

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