When I first stumbled upon the decorated cookie I was smitten! Meaghan posts the neatest and cutest ideas… she always inspires!

She was the creator behind the Oreo cakester petits four… one of my favorite ideas of all time. I have made quite a few of these in my day, and loved it more and more every time! (cant wait for Christmas!!!)

Except this time.

I had big ideas.

GRAND ideas.

And not such a grand execution.

I just might have to chalk up this post the the #FAIL pile. (love when Bridget does those, her failures are like what I strive for in success!)

I wanted to make spider petits fours.


I think they ended up being sort of a cross between a box elder bug and a black widow.

Without the red thingy.

To make these I used Oreo Cakesters, fondant, and a little sparkle stuff for the white ones.


I cut out strips of fondant for the legs, placed them over a piece of rolled up paper to dry, and hoped they would in fact dry.

These are after FIVE days of drying, and the legs still did not holdtheirshape. I think I might need to venture out of my safe fondant world and try some gum paste. We'll see.


Heh. I was tryin' I tell ya! Tryin' to make something of these weird spider thingies!

So then I remember I had some cupcakes left over from a charity event so threw a spider on it.

(are you blown away by my mastery of theEnglishlanguage? And that sentence structure… just exquisite!)


Better? Or worse?


Wow. Not so itsy bitsy huh.

(he he)

I have ONE more Halloween inspired cake that I would love to share, but this week is crazy busy with cookies orders, so I am just hoping like crazy I can get to it. I do not think I can wait one whole year to share. Although I probably should.

I may be out of ideas after that. 🙂

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Reader Comments

  1. OMG. you are amazing, girlfriend! you have found your calling and you need keep on doing it!!!
    happy halloween!

  2. A failure? Are you kidding me? These are great, and the legs look perfect. They do look like black widows, but what can be more scary than that!?

  3. Creepy cute! Sooo not boxelder buggish! I’m totally driving to your house to trick or treat if those are your treats!

  4. Hi! Was in your session at BlogHerFood. I like to eat too. 🙂
    Okay. These are the epitome of awesomeness!! Fantastic. Gonna share these with my FB peeps.

  5. Have to say they look pretty good to me, really cute. If you have problems with your fondant/sugarpaste not drying well when you’re modelling, try kneading in a little Tylo powder; it makes the paste much easier to handle for modelling and it does dry faster.

  6. Amanda, you will never be out of ideas!! How cute??!! are these spider treats. Do you gag when you put a spider in your mouth? Prob not, I guess they are sugar – but they really do look like spiders. Dig the fancy sparkles too.
    Just gazed at The Decorated Cookie blog, you are right – so awesome!

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