Spring Cake

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**This would also be a perfect Mothers Day Cake!**

We have been desperate for Spring here in the midwest.  With May snowstorms and chilly temps, getting a glimpse of the warm May sun seems an impossible dream.

So why not fake it?

Lime and Orangesicle Springtime Cake!


I am going to substitute bright, cherry and delicious cakes for the lack of warm weather and sunshine!

And in that line of thinking I have decided that I no longer need a special occasion to make cake.

I simply cake it because I want to be happy and bring others happiness!

Want to know other ways I celebrate the “everyday”?

0rangesicle Springtime Cake


Dont let myself get caught up in perfection.  I will never be perfect, so why do I keep striving for it?

See the top of that cake where the swirls arent all perfectly aligned in the middle? Oh well!  Are the dishes mostly clean?  Do the kids have clean clothes to wear tomorrow?  Did we have dinner together and there was at least one veggie? (Even if my daughter only pretended to eat hers!)  Did we spill popcorn because we were laughing so hard while watching a movie as a family?

Sounds perfect to me.

Spring Cake! Lime and Orangesicle layers of beauty!


Embrace citrus.  Nothing makes me feel more like Springtime then when I enjoy my first lemonade.

I have to tell you… the combination of these two flavors was really amazing!  On their own they are fabulous as well… its really a win-win! 🙂

Key Lime and Orangesicle Layer Cake


The fabulous folks at Pillsbury would like for you to enjoy some Springtime inspired joy and are offering a Fun Prize Pack!

To enter leave a comment telling me, How do you celebrate everyday occasions?

Summer Seasonal Celebration Starter Reader Giveaway Kit:

  • One box each Summer Seasonal Cake & Cookie Mixes
  • Frostings (1 each of Creamy Supreme Key Lime and Creamy Supreme Orangesicle)
  • $50 dollar Visa or American Express gift card
  • Total estimated giveaway value: $60

Contest open from May 8, 2013 to May 12th 2013.

Congrats to Claudia!

Claudia was #115 and won with the comment: “I follow phillsbury on facebook”

I sent you an email, please get back to me in 48 hours!

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  • deea says:

    My favorite thing to do is fix something for a picnic and take my sweetheart and dog for a short get away to the ranch. Sometimes it doesn’t go as planed. Last summer my dog brought about 50 of our cows to join in. And yes, they stayed and watched us eat.

  • Penny P. says:

    Such a pretty cake! I celebrate everyday occasions by cooking special meals or baking. I look for excuses to entertain family and friends. I’m making your cake to take to my pottery class next week just because it’s the last day of pottery class. I made two cakes from scratch (chocolate pound cake with chocolate frosting & brown sugar pound cake with brown sugar fudge frosting) last week to celebrate the accomplishments of two coworkers.

  • Laura l. says:

    We celebrate with a spoonful of salted caramel… Our treat for putting the kids to bed at night!

  • Jennifer s says:

    Hugs are our favorite way to celebrate!

  • Jennifer s says:

    I follow pilsbury baking on facebook

  • Sara says:

    I celebrate everyday occasions with smiles and hugs and cupcakes/cookies if time allows 🙂

  • LaurieJ says:

    I follow Pillsbury Baking on Facebook

  • LaurieJ says:

    To celebrate everyday occasions we do up cupcakes, YAY, love’em

  • Margot Core says:

    We make a lot of cup cakes around here actually; almost any excuse will do.

  • Margot Core says:

    I follow Pillsbury Baking on facebook.

    **also, just a note! There are a bunch of these cakes made with these Pillsbury flavors on the net, because of the promotions I guess, and yours is head and shoulders above the rest. it’s beautiful! It looks like (I can’t tell) you used white icing between the layers and on the outside too. THEN you put the gorgeous two-tone icing over that. Is that right? If so, why?

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you! I did a crumb coat in the white icing… I always do crumb coats on cakes… makes decorating easier! 🙂

  • Neiddy says:

    We celebrate our everyday occasions with sweet treats

  • Neiddy says:

    I follow Pillsbury Baking on FB as Leidy Ruiz

  • cookienurse says:

    I celebrate everyday through praise and prayer 🙂

  • Nancy L says:

    Going for ice cream is our special celebration!

  • Rachel | Buttercream Is Better says:

    A night in with my husband, a movie and a glass of wine!

  • Kara says:

    Are the new flavors a regional release? (Since pilsbury is in mn.) I could not find them here!

  • Cathy P. says:

    I usually celebrate everyday moments with cinnamon rolls, or cupcakes. They’re quick, easy, and shareable.

    I’m on a low carb eating program and have deleted most of my food related “likes” on FB, but still love my baking sites, like Pillsbury Baking :o)


  • ashley - baker by nature says:

    We buy pints of really good ice cream once a week and eat one spoonful of each flavor (we usually have 3 0r 4… or ok, 5) straight from the container before bed! SO bad… but SO good.

  • Marian says:

    We celebrate all happy things with hugs.

  • Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen says:

    Gorgeous spring color palette!

  • Jessie says:

    For us, it’s going out to dinner to whoever we are celebrating’s location of choice. Always fun.

  • Jamie says:

    Usually food….but it’s the talking about what we should cook, and letting my girls help that makes it the best way to celebrate!

  • Sara says:

    We celebrate with cupcakes! or ice cream 🙂

  • Anne S. says:

    We always celebrate with a big family dinner!

  • D SCHMIDT says:

    We celebrate them by spending time together, having picnics and eating cake

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