St. Pattys Day Cake

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I woke up this morning with a to-do list a mile long.

Baking a St. Pattys Day Cake was NOT on my list.

Yet here I am, sharing anyway.

I think I need a baking intervention.

I can just see it! My family and freinds will assemble in my kitchen… “Amanda, step away from the baking soda. Good girl. Drop that room temperature butter! No, you do not need to blend it until its fluffy… No, no, just step back from the sifter… close the recipe book…good, good… we’re making progress.”



I had grand designs of green fondant shamrocks all over this little cake. That seemed like a lot of work. So I just used a little royal icing and make a shape somewhat resembling a shamrock.


Not bad for seven minutes of hard icing labor.


But here is the fun part!! I have been wanting to do this graduating color scheme for a while now… and finally made it happen today!

I like it but I would do it differently next time… start out with less coloring on the first layer, maybe even start with white? And definitely do a less…uh… green color. Something about green cake just doesnt inspire hunger in me!

So its back to the drawing board for me… are you making anything fun for St. Patty’s Day?


Before anyone says, how did you do that? Here is a QUICK run down.

I separated my batter into 7 bowls (1/2 cup per bowl)


Then added one drop food coloring to the first bowl, two to the second, three to the third, and so on.

(in the future I would start out with MUCH less coloring)


Had the kids help me mix the colors, then baked each bowl separate in a 6 inch. round pan. (yes, I know there are more then seven drops in the last bowl, I was not being very precise)

Took them out of the oven, cooled, then stacked from darkest to lightest and then covered in frosting.

Next time, I will do it a bit different and might even do a decent tutorial. 🙂

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  • Laurrita says:

    This is adorable!!! Wonderful!

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